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Updates! Updates! Updates!

Hi Kurlies! In 2014, we made so many improvements to Kurly Klips. From new packaging, to global warehouses, to a better return policy, we’ve been working hard to give you an exceptional experience! We aim to provide the best natural hair clip-ins in the world, so let me share with you what we’ve been doing behind the scenes.


Kurly Klips now ships from both the USA and UK! We opened up a London warehouse to ensure none of our EU customers would have to pay custums/duties anymore. So if you’re a European kurly, tell your friends about Kurly Klips. Not only is our shipping to EU countries so much faster, that extra taxation is now a thing of the past!


kurly klips packaging



When you receive your fresh set of beautiful Kurly Klips hair extensions, you’re in for a real treat! Our deluxe Kurly Klips box is both elegant and functional, allowing our Kurlies to reuse it for additional storage. Our new packaging has been getting rave reviews from our customers and we can’t wait for you to try it.


So along with our new packaging comes a new return policy. The lower compartment of your Kurly Klips box opens separately and contains a single two-clip weft from your set. You are free to examine it to determine whether the hair meets your expectations. If you’re over the moon happy with your purchase (like the vast majority of our Kurlies), you can then open the main compartment of your box and have access to the entire set. However, if you would like to make a return or exchange, simply return the two-clip weft back to its lower compartment and email our care team for further instructions. It’s that easy. You can find more information about our return policy here.


lana boone kurly klips CEO



So that’s about it. Between the new warehouses, the new packaging, and the new return policy, we’re really making strides. I just want to tell you thank you for hanging in there with us as we grow. I really really appreciate your patience, your support, and your words of encouragement. As the CEO and founder of Kurly Klips, I always like doing these things that seem small, but at the end of the day make your lives easier and prettier. And we’re not finished! We have a couple of new projects we hope to implement in 2015, so expect to see more positive change to come.

Let me know what you think about all the changes in the comments below. I welcome your questions!

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