Hi Kurlies,  


Before we get into this month's essay, please know we're exclusively shipping with UPS until service improves with the United States Postal Service. On May 11th, I dropped off packages at my local USPS and the majority didn't get scanned into the system until May 18th. That's unacceptable, and according to my source at USPS, it's only going to get worse. 


If your package was impacted by last week's delays, you received an email about it on Tuesday the 18th in the 12 o'clock hour (est). All packages seem to be on their way now, but the Postmaster General seems to be playing politics with the Postal Service and your girl does not have the time. Which is why UPS will be our domestic courier until the systemic destruction of USPS hopefully comes to an end.  


WIth that said, I hope you are doing well!!!! After a deep meditation, the following words flowed out of my consciousness and I hope you enjoy them 🤗


Have you ever been baited by another person? Maybe someone wanted to get a reaction out of you. Maybe they had a bad day and projected it onto you. Maybe they tried to manipulate or deceive you. If you've lived any life at all, you're likely familiar with someone trying to engage you in a negative way. 


I don't know about you, but my mama raised me to fight back. "If someone hits you, you hit them back," she would say, and as a kid I took that to heart! Playground bullies tried it, but were often too shocked to finish it. "It's always the quiet ones," they would say 😂 


But in adulthood, I've learned that engaging with a person's negative behavior is a sure way to create an energy baby with them. And these babies attach themselves to you, whether you're in that person's presence or not. 


I used to think that I could show up to negative situations and produce positive outcomes, just by being my best self. But here's the clincher: an interaction, aka the baby you're making, is a 50/50 effort, so the other person's intention is just as important as your own. Create an energy baby with a frenemy and you'll have Bébé's Kids running your life!


So here's to being very selective with who we mate with energetically. May we refuse to tango with negative engagement for the sake of our radiant peace. 






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