Hi Kurlies!

Hope you're having a lovely March! This newsletter was inspired by a meditation I had in February. In it, I saw the Great Artist painting on a vast canvas - working on what was clearly a masterpiece. With great bravado, I walked up to the painting, pointed to a section and said, "I don't like that" lol. Instantly, two thoughts came into my awareness:

1. Who said I was finished?

2. What do you know about great cosmic art?

Don't you love a divine clap-back? Anyway this essay popped out of my consciousness soon after. Enjoy!


The Ugly Phase

Have you ever watched creatives make works of art? Sometimes, I love watching artists draw things on YouTube. The process of seeing it all come together can be such a ride! At some point, the drawing looks absolutely crazy (what some artists call the ugly phase) and yet it all comes together to create a beautiful piece of art.

Same with make up artistry and choreography! The ugly phase can look chaotic, and yet it's a necessary building block for a beautiful finish.

As with art, so with life.

When we hit chaotic seasons, let’s remember we’re just in the ugly phase. Life is a masterpiece - a wondrous work of art. May we come to see the ugly phases as layers that serve to magnify our Beauty.



Hope this little essay gave you what you needed, Kurlies! May you have great courage always!

Love you!

Your Sister in Beauty,

✨ Lana ✨