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What Our Buzzfeed Feature Taught Me About Life & Spirituality | Kurly Klips

What Our Buzzfeed Feature Taught Me About Life & Spirituality

On March 1st, a woman named Cara wrote to Kurly Klips via our website contact box. “Hi,” she said, “I just saw the buzzfeed video about your extensions and just wanted to say how impressed I was with the results for the girls who got to try them. Really awesome.” BuzzFeed video?!?! I didn’t even know it had come out! I wrote Cara back immediately, thanking her for her sweet note and asking if she had a link since Google wasn’t feeding any results. Sure enough, Cara replied moments later, linking to one of my biggest blessings in life. BuzzFeed...

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Kurly Klips on Buzzfeed | Kurly Klips

Kurly Klips on Buzzfeed

I mean... your girl doesn't have much to say. The blessings are real... Thank you so much to Buzzfeed for featuring Kurly Klips! We are so honored to have been selected for the opportunity and we're SO THRILLED everybody loved their hair.     Featured in this video: Mermaid Fro, Mermaid 3c, Mermaid Spirals, and the Ponytail Fro. Special thanks to the beautiful Selorm for reaching out to do this collaboration. She is soooo sweet! Be sure to follow her on the gram.

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I Dream Horror | Kurly Klips

I Dream Horror

Hi Kurlies, I dream horror. My sleep world starts off innocent enough. Sometimes I’m catching a flight. Other times, I’m helping a friend. Then suddenly, without warning, I’m thrust into violent chaos. Killers emerge from nowhere. They stalk me and murder those around me, until I scream myself awake. A couple of years ago, these dreams terrorized me into insomnia, and while I experience them less frequently, I’ve noticed they generally appear during times of great anxiety.     A favorite metaphor of mine is Jesus as the good shepherd. When one of his sheep wanders off the path, he...

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Who Do You Think You Are? | Kurly Klips

Who Do You Think You Are?

Hi Kurlies, How many times have we let people and situations define who we are? Personally, I am so happy it's finally January because the holidays are a difficult time to work in retail. During this time of year, it seems as if more people feel a sense of powerlessness no holiday party or hair purchase can dispel. For me, that often means having to respond to emails about what a horrible person I am from people who are unwilling to fluff out their ponytails or wand curl their blowouts. It means people calling me a scammer when USPS goofs...

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On Selling Yourself Out... | Kurly Klips

On Selling Yourself Out...

Hi Kurlies,   I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving! I know my November was eventful and I live for the adventure! On Fridays, I got to work at a boutique AND interact with customers in the flesh - THRILLING lol. No, seriously, it was like a brave new world LOL. I also got to visit my 95-year-old grandma and her sister who is 98!!! And I finished reading Michelle Obama's Becoming.If you watch my Insta Stories, you know one section in the book particularly moved me. It was the section when they were celebrating Christmas in Hawaii and an 18-month-old Malia got a...

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Lana and ThinkUp! | Kurly Klips

Lana and ThinkUp!

Hi Kurlies, I love you. In case no one tells you that today, you heard it from me. Stay blessed... less stressed... you got this 😎And to be honest, I've learned throughout the years that it's so important to hear those same words from yourself. That's why I love the ThinkUp app. It allows you to record affirmations in your own voice and then it plays them back to you with music. How did I discover it? While lurking on Instagram... DUH! LOL. But no seriously, I. CANNOT. TELL. YOU. what a difference it has made in my life. There's something about hearing phrases...

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