Hi Kurlies,  


A couple of weeks ago, I asked God what I should write about in the February newsletter and that night, I had a very interesting dream 😂 

In the dream, Megan Thee Stallion and I lived in a mountain village lol. Venturing outside of town, we walked to an area where you could climb to the mountain's summit. The peak wasn’t very high, maybe 12 feet from where we stood, and at the top, Nicki Minaj paced back and forth.

Immediately, I noticed the condition of the earth. The ground looked parched, the rocks thirsty, and even the bushes a few days from giving up. Unlike the lush village grounds, with its rich black earth and green stately trees, the summit grounds looked ashy and utterly desolate. 

--Now, I know some of y'all are like 👀, but remember: THIS IS A DREAM!!! IT IS SYMBOLIC. MEG AND NICKI ARE JUST CHARACTER STAND-INS. DO NOT COME FOR ME--

ANYWHO, Megan started to climb and I tried to stop her. 

“Megan, don’t go up there,” I said. “It looks terrible, the earth isn't healthy, and besides a pacing Nicki, there's nothing even there!” Yet, she decided to climb anyway. For her, success meant being at the top. 

So I climbed with her, and a dry, lifeless landscape greeted our arrival. While that didn't surprise me, my rapid descent did. You see, I lost my footing and started to fall straight to the bottom. 

Plummeting, I grasped for the mountain's side when the miraculous occurred! The dry dirt turned into thick mud, allowing my hand to sink deep inside it. And as I glided through the goo, my descent slowed to an easy pace, helping me land safely at the bottom. 

That's when an old co-worker pulled up in a bright red pickup truck. With her salt and pepper locs swinging at her shoulders, she rolled down the window and said, “Didn’t we tell you not to go up there?”

“Yeah, you’re right,” I replied as I climbed into the passenger's seat. We laughed as she drove me back to the village 12 feet from the top.

The beautiful thing about dreams is that they can have multiple meanings. If you found this dream interesting, I hope you find the meaning meant for you.

Success and Discernment


One of the meanings that immediately stood out for me was the idea of success. Many of us understand success as a mountain - there’s a bottom and a top, and we must climb to get to the top. 

But what if success isn’t linear? What if we quantified success by how many times we listened to and acted on our discernment? Something I did not do in the dream! What if we quantified it by how many times we showed ourselves and others both respect and love?  

Listening to our discernment and behaving respectfully towards ourselves and others cultivates inner peace. For me, this peace with myself is the ultimate form of success.

Grace and Love


But what about the fall? This was my favorite part! Gooey grace grabbed my hand and gently lowered me to the bottom. Then Love picked me up and drove me where I belonged.

Did Love point out that I didn’t listen to my discernment? Yes, and with a smile! In turn, I genuinely wanted to do better; for Love encourages us to act in her likeness, and in doing so, we remember who we really are. 

Climbing, falling, and pausing to be are all part of the journey. I hope we measure our success not solely by our summits, but by the peace we find in heeding our discernment and resting in the grace of Love. 






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