Hi Kurlies,  


A month or so ago in meditation, I asked what I should write in the March newsletter. When I opened my eyes, this little message flowed out of me like a river. I hesitated for a month to actually type it out because I’ve been low-key scared to do so. The message is a bit abstract, I thought. Does it even make sense lol?Yet, I can’t deny the ease in which these words came out on paper. It was a bit unusual for my writing process, so I feel, perhaps, I am meant to share them. 

In this essay, I use the word God. If this triggers you, feel free to skip this portion of the newsletter and check out which non-profit our hair dollars went to this month! I did try to replace the word God with another word to make it more digestibly for my atheists, but it just didn’t work for this particular essay. However, if you don’t believe in God and still want to read along, consider replacing the G-word with the term: Higher Self. 

And for all my religious Kurlies, please don’t come at me for giving my lovely atheists another phrase to use lol. There is nothing to judge - only love to mend and uplift!



You are the little flame. God is the big flame. The difference? Your flame is wearing non-flammable clothes. Your will makes the clothes so. 

Are you willing to burn through your clothes? Your clothes are your conditioning: all the parts of you that make your personality. You think it’s stuck on you like skin, but it’s not. It sits on top of you like clothes. 

When you’re ready and willing, your flame will burn up your clothes and you will shine bright like God because you are one with God. Without clothes, the fire merges. 

They say it’s hard for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom is Big Flame and it’s hard because the rich man is wearing a lot of clothes. We are all rich in conditioning. But when we remove these clothes, we are flame: the one and only Love. 






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