Hi Kurlies,  


Hope you’re well and having a fabulous July! 

First, let's clink glasses to celebrate our 8th anniversary 🥂 It's been a pleasure serving you these past eight years. Thank you for being the blessing you are ♥️

In other news, a tv station interviewed your girl this week for a segment they're doing on Kurly Klips. When I was getting ready for the interview, I was a little nervous, so I played one of my favorite games: Spirit pick the song! That's when I ask Holy Spirit to pick a song from my "liked" playlist and then click shuffle to hear the selection. The playlist is a couple thousand songs deep so you never know what you're going to get lol. But that day, it was this Kelis remix and when I tell you it had your girl DANCING 😂 If you ever need to hype yourself up, give it a listen. I promise it will get you feeling yourself. 

Anyway, I read this awesome blog post about resiliency and it inspired this month’s newsletter. Feel free to give it a read if you feel called to do so. 

Also, the essay below retells a buddhist story. If this offends you in any way, please feel free to skip this portion of the newsletter and jump to the Charitable Giving section to find out which organization our hair dollars supported this month! 


Do you remember Taz the Tasmanian Devil in Looney Tunes? Taz spun around like a tornado and destroyed everything in his path. For those who don’t, here’s a refresher and when I say I cackled... First of all, the scene where Daffy Duck dropped that dollar bill had me rolling 😂 And secondly, this Taz energy is so common! Look at this cartoon and tell me this energy hasn’t rolled up on you just like that - threatening to suck up your peace and intwine you in its chaos!

Mara: the ultimate vibe killer (a la Kendrick lol)

Interestingly enough, Buddhism has a similar character named Mara - also called the “Evil One.” The night before Buddha’s enlightenment, Mara rolled through and tested him with everything, from greed to anger to doubt. Yet Mara failed and Buddha ascended. 

Unsatisfied, Mara would still come back to try and eff with Buddha’s zen! But instead of driving him away or ignoring him, Buddha would invite him in for tea as an honored guest. 

Mara would stay for a while and then go, but Buddha remained anchored to peace. Nothing about the experience of Mara could kill Buddha's vibe because Buddha realized his vibe was eternal. 

TazMara energy entered my life recently and I felt myself getting sucked into its chaos. These experiences always seem to come out of nowhere, but they show me how well I’m remembering life’s lessons.

So what did I do?

Well, I tried to drive the TazMara energy away, but she just showed up on my doorstep again the next day lol. Luckily, I remembered my lessons and did the following: 

1. Went still

2. Said a prayer for help

3. Focused on how the energy felt in my body - noticed how it was spinning in my heart and in my tummy

4. Gave these feelings 100% of my attention and let them be - sans judgement, despite how uncomfortable they felt

A loving gaze, the antidote...

After several minutes of caring for myself in this way, I continued on with my day. But when I checked in again several hours later, TazMara was gone! I felt no more chaotic energies and no more judgmental feelings - just the serenity of peace that comes after a storm. 

Sometimes TazMara shows up on our doorstep and we feel her chaotic energies. When that happens, we acknowledge their presence and give any feelings they’ve stirred up our time and attention. That’s where we find healing. That’s where we find Love. That’s where we find true friendship.  


Praying for your abundance always ✨





PS - sharing is caring! Please feel free to forward to a friend 🌸