Please review our frequently asked questions and policies before making a purchase. Kindly respect our policies and please know, we do uphold them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much hair do I need?

For our Bobcat and Shoulder Chic lengths, one set is generally fine. 

For our Mermaid lengths, two sets is generally preferred. 

You might need more or less hair depending on how large your head is and how you like to style your clip-ins. 

Email us if you have any questions! You know we love a good email!

Which pieces come in a set?

9 pieces, 135g

1 x long weft 

2 x medium wefts 

4 x small wefts 

2 x extra small wefts 

What color does the hair come in?

The natural color of the donor. We do not sell hair that has been pre-dyed. 

Can I color and straighten Kurly Klips?

Yes! The hair is 100% human. Please note that all sets color and hold curls differently. This hair is coming from a real person - so results may vary. 

How do I care for the hair?

All care advice and updated product recommendations can be found here. 

Where are you shipping from and what are your rates?

We wash the hair and ship it from Bethesda, Maryland. You have several rates to choose from at checkout. 

As of 11/13/20, international customers pay customs and duties at checkout. This will expedite the order at customs and customers will not be charged additional fees upon delivery.

Do customers outside of the U.S. have to pay customs + duties?

Duties, taxes (tariffs) and fees are assessed by your local government as a source of revenue for ecommerce purchases. They are similar to taxes you pay upon purchasing a product in a local store within your own country. We fully guaranteed the duties, taxes and import fees presented at checkout. If you pay duties and taxes at checkout your order will be expedited at customs and you will not be charged any additional fees upon delivery.

When will I receive my order?

Please allow 1-5 business days for processing in-stock items. Once your order has processed, it will be shipped in the time selected at checkout.

We are not responsible for the shipping times of your selected courier and cannot be held liable for its guarantees.

If tracking says delivered, but the package wasn't received, please contact the mail courier directly to inquire about its whereabouts. We will be happy to provide you with any documentation needed.

Why has my rewards account been blocked?

We block all participants who abuse the rewards program.

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Return/Exchange Policy

Please know that hair is considered a hygienic purchase (like underwear). 

For this reason, all sales are final.

Loving Kindness Policy

"You've got to learn to leave the table when love is no longer being served." - Nina Simone

Kurly Klips is built on love. We love and respect all of our clients, and we expect the same in return. With that said, we do not tolerate abusive, disrespectful, or insulting behavior. We will disengage until communication rooted in kindness resumes.

Blackmail/Theft Policy

Please know we don't respond to blackmail. Blackmail includes threatening to post bad reviews if we refuse to send free or discounted hair. 

We are also obligated to report incidences of credit card theft. This feature is automatic and can be done with one click of a button. Please don't try to steal. There is a girl who went to jail for this. Kurly Klips wasn't the only company she scammed, but they surely did hold up her Kurly Klips as evidence in a court of law. It's not worth it. Please take it from a sis who cares about you. It's not worth it, girl. Please don't try it. Especially not with Kurly Klips. 

If you are reading this, you are capable of so much more than this! When you act in ways directed at your highest self, miracles happen! Not only that, but Isaiah 54:17 will be as true for you as it is for us.

If you care to do business with us, kindly respect our policies.