Spirals Care Guide

Our Spirals Collection is silky and curly, with a loose curl at the bottom of the hair shaft. It has a medium to high luster and a soft feel. It does not like to be weighed down by excess products, which is why we only recommend these three:

1. Shampoo

2. Moisturizing Conditioner

3. A Mouse or Leave-in

Installing the Spirals

In this video, you'll learn how to put in the Shoulder Chic Spirals using pieces from two sets. 

I use the longer wefts in the back of my head and the shorter wefts at the top and sides! I then twist small pieces of my hair with the Kurly Klips to blend.

Storing the Spirals

Storing your Kurly Klips the right way is super important if you want to keep them ready to wear. We show you some of our favoriteways to store in the video below!