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Happy Anniversary, bb 🥂

Kurly Klips entered the world nine years ago this month and we couldn’t have made it this long without you! Everyone has received a little something special in their rewards account! Thank you for being you and we hope you enjoy this month's essay!

The Polar Express

I like to play mind games. But unlike sociopaths, I play them on myself for fun. Why? Because sometimes I win miraculous prizes playing simple games. In this essay, I want to share one mind game that I have received incredible joy from. It uses the law of polarity and it’s probably the opposite of what you’re expecting 😉

So what’s the law of polarity? The law of polarity says that everything has an opposite. Life has death. Happiness has sadness. Comfort has discomfort. We tend to love the side of the coin we perceive as positive and fear the side we perceive as negative.

The positive thinking movement will tell you to keep your thoughts as positive as possible to create a better reality. But I’m going to tell you the polar opposite. If you’re truthful about your negative experiences, and even speak your fears out loud, you’ll attract the peace and joy you seek.

The Game

So here’s the game. If I wake up in the morning feeling any kind of worry or fear, I’m honest about it. I say out loud, for example: Today is going to suck. I’ll probably be lonely and sad. Something awful might happen at work. And I might get sick to top it off.

When I speak these fears aloud, I take them out of my body and face them. I accept them as my potential fate and commit to doing my best through it all.

Then something funny happens. As I go about my day, I more easily notice when life delivers the opposite experience. Maybe I have a great conversation with someone and we both feel seen and heard. Or maybe someone writes a wonderful review on the website that adds joy to my work day. Or maybe when I hit the sack at night, I feel good - healthy even!

When I speak my fears aloud, accept them, and focus on doing my best, I notice my blessings far more frequently throughout the day. I take note of all of the little gifts life brings me and I feel a lot more gratitude and satisfaction as a result.

The opposite is true when I hide my fear by trying to control outcomes, saying things like, “Today is going to be an awesome day because it’s going to look like THIS.” When I play that game, I tend to ignore all of the other gifts because I’m only scanning for that specific one. Plus, if that one thing doesn’t happen, I feel dissatisfied. I might have experienced 100 blessings without registering a single one.

Power to the Players 👁👄👁

I’ve found so much joy and liberation playing this game. I’ve realized that whether good things happen or bad things happen, life simply asks me to do my best and to be open to new ways of being.

It’s my hope that the acceptance of polarity acts as an express train to our deepest fulfillment. When we realize that life is encoded in death, joy is encoded in grief, and comfort is encoded in discomfort, we experience the peace of oneness even in polarity. May this game awaken a gratitude that blesses us in a million different ways.



I hope you enjoy your gift, Kurlies! And for everyone who has written a review, thank you! The system won't let me respond at the moment, but hopefully this technical issue will be resolved soon!

Love you and joyeux anniversaire!

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✨ Lana ✨

ps - a big thank you to Matt Kahn for giving me “permission” to play this game. I was already experimenting with the idea when he mentioned it in a lecture, but he erased the superstitious fear I had about vocalizing + accepting fears and uncomfortable situations. Will always be grateful to him for that.