Hi Kurlies!

Can you believe it's already the third week of January?!?!?!


I, for one, CANNOT! I'm over here thinking I've got another week to finish up this newsletter only to realize that today is the DAY! Luckily, I received this message in meditation a couple of weeks ago and I hope it blesses whoever needs to hear it!


You are deeply loved. 

A Booteus Maximus Life!

I’ve grown a booty twice in my life. While putting in the work is ESSENTIAL, I've learned that muscle gains actually arrive on rest days. If you don’t schedule rest days, the booty won’t plump to its fullest potential. Booteus maximus results come from booteus maximus rest.

As with booty, so with life.

When it comes to our goals, putting in the work is essential; but growth appears on the days we surrender the work. The results show up as the manifestation of our rest.

Have you scheduled rest days in your life? Days where you don’t even think about your goals, NOT ONE TIME?! Make it a game and give it a try! If you’re particularly attached to a goal, try my mantra:

"Whatever happens, I’m going to have a beautiful life regardless."

Give it a shot and watch how your life plumps with abundance 🍑


Hope you relish in your rest, Kurlies! And when in doubt, always remember: you're going to have a beautiful life regardless!

Love you!

Your Sister in Beauty,

✨ Lana ✨