The Kurly Life

Mountain Climbing

A couple of weeks ago, I asked God what I should write about in the February newsletter and that night, I had a very interesting dream 😂  In the dream, Megan Thee Stallion and I lived in a mountain village lol. Venturing outside of town, we walked to an area where you could climb to the mountain's summit. The peak wasn’t very high, maybe 12 feet from where we stood, and at the top, Nicki Minaj paced back and forth. Immediately, I noticed the condition of the earth. The ground looked parched, the rocks thirsty, and even the bushes a...

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Diamonds, Baby! Diamonds!

Hi Kurlies,   You’re slowly waking up from a good night’s rest.  You take a small stretch and reach for your phone, but a glimmer catches your eye. Right next to it is the most beautiful diamond you’ve ever seen in your life. Am I dreaming?, you wonder, as you pick it up and turn it over in your hands. You look around, but find no answers. The diamond is just there, a small gift from the universe.  So you get out of bed and carry it with you to the bathroom. You open the cabinet and reach for your...

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🧨 Firecrackers and Fear Goggles: A Dream

  Hi Kurlies, A few week ago, I had a dream.It started innocently enough. I was cuddled on the couch with an old college crush, enjoying some daytime tv, when suddenly, as the little spoon, I had a troubling thought.Did my hair have an odor? Not only was the cuddle session unanticipated, but it was also happening in the presence of my two-week-old blowout! A blowout which, let's get real, probably smelled like Jamaican Black Castor Oil and sweat.As insecurity welled up deep inside, I felt mortified; but I swallowed the feelings in silence, not wanting to bring them up.Then...

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People Are Not Their Personalities | Kurly Klips

People Are Not Their Personalities

People are souls. The personality is created by the world and a person’s experience in it. But the soul is created by God, in perfection and eternity. Nothing can damage the soul. It remains eternally untouched by harm because it is kept safe in God (Love). You know why people still talk about Jesus, Buddha, and Mohammed (peace be upon him), so long after their time on earth? Because these figures could see past the personality. To see the soul of another offers healing - an invitation to lead with the soul instead of the personality. Personalities can be harmful...

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What Our Buzzfeed Feature Taught Me About Life & Spirituality | Kurly Klips

What Our Buzzfeed Feature Taught Me About Life & Spirituality

On March 1st, a woman named Cara wrote to Kurly Klips via our website contact box. “Hi,” she said, “I just saw the buzzfeed video about your extensions and just wanted to say how impressed I was with the results for the girls who got to try them. Really awesome.” BuzzFeed video?!?! I didn’t even know it had come out! I wrote Cara back immediately, thanking her for her sweet note and asking if she had a link since Google wasn’t feeding any results. Sure enough, Cara replied moments later, linking to one of my biggest blessings in life. BuzzFeed...

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Kurly Klips on Buzzfeed | Kurly Klips

Kurly Klips on Buzzfeed

I mean... your girl doesn't have much to say. The blessings are real... Thank you so much to Buzzfeed for featuring Kurly Klips! We are so honored to have been selected for the opportunity and we're SO THRILLED everybody loved their hair.     Featured in this video: Mermaid Fro, Mermaid 3c, Mermaid Spirals, and the Ponytail Fro. Special thanks to the beautiful Selorm for reaching out to do this collaboration. She is soooo sweet! Be sure to follow her on the gram.

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