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Headband Wigs

"I get looks from everyone admiring this gorgeous head of hair...Need I say you will be feelin' yourself! Invest in yourself! You deserve the best."


Jamee M. 1 of 2,446 reviews

Fro Clip-ins

"My coworkers thought it grew out of my head." 


Natalie M. 1 of2,446 reviews

3c Curls Clip-ins

"This hair is soooo soft! I've already rocked three different styles." 


Michelle B. 1 of 2,446 reviews

Spirals Clip-ins

"Beautiful, easy, and natural. I get compliments all day long."


Justyne F. 1 of 2,446 reviews

Blowout Clip-ins

"I could not have made a better choice. It's so simple and I love the look it gives me."


Amber J. 1 of 2,446 reviews

Puffs & Ponies

"Love love love the afro puff. It's so easy to put on! It's perfect when I'm running late for work or going to the gym."


Elizabeth M. 1 of 2,446 reviews

Kurly Klips is the #1 highest rated natural hair extension brand.

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Can't imagine my days without Kurly Klips!

Before Kurly Klips, I struggled with staying natural. Growing my hair out was really hard and sometimes I wanted to give up. I chose Kurly Klips because I heard the quality was amazing and I loved their Instagram. Plus, they ship to my home in Belgium! When I received my hair, it was such a surprise! I've been let down before, but Kurly Klips exceeded my expectations! Now, everyone wants to know my secret and I'm just so happy I can finally accept my natural hair and take care of it. 

@flow_joao, Swiss model

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Makes my blowout look incredible!

I got so tired of wearing HOT wigs! I tried clip-ins from a different company – but my experience wasn’t the best. Kurly Klips’s commitment to customer service hooked me. When I got my Kurly Klips package, I loved how GREAT the hair felt. During a time I had to change my hair daily for work, it was then I realized, “I am going to use these clip-ins forever!” Now, I have so many styling options!

@DreamsinDrive, podcast host with 600k listeners

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