Blowout Care Guide

Our Blowout Collection is coarse meant to mimic Black hair that's been straightened. When styling, it requires high heat - upwards of 450 degrees. Although this is a low maintenance texture, it needs to be regularly washed and deep conditioned. 

Care Routine

Before Wearing: Brush out the hair with a paddle brush. To remove any crinkles, blow dry with a comb attachment or flat iron at around 450 degrees.

After Wearing: Brush out the hair once more and apply flexi rods if wearing it curled. 

After 3 - 5 Wears: Wash and deep condition. Please note, this hair does not like to soak in your sweat. Wash immediately after sweating.   

How to Detangle

This hair detangles easily. Simply use a paddle brush and work from the bottom. Avoid oils, leave-ins, moisturizers, and sheens as they will cause this hair to tangle. If this hair begins tangling excessively, it needs to be washed and deep conditioned. 

How to Wash

1. Detangle using the steps above.

2. Wash in a tub or large sink for space. 

3. Work one weft at a time. 

4. Apply a moisturizing shampoo to the hair in downward strokes. Never scrunch the hair or rub it together. 

5. Rinse so the water runs straight down the hair (this is when using a tub is helpful). 

6. Apply ample amounts of conditioner and brush through. Let the conditioner sit on the hair for a deep condition treatment.

7. Rinse so the water runs straight down the hair. 

8. Air dry or blow dry the hair. 

The More Conditioner the Better

I use at least this much rinse-out conditioner. The more conditioner you use, the less shedding you'll see during the care process. That's why I recommend Tresemme's Moisture Rich. You can buy a huge jug of it for a low cost and it works very well. 

Recommended Products

Conditioner: Tresemme Moisture Rich

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