Blowout Care Guide

Our Blowout Collection is coarse meant to mimic Black hair that's been straightened. When styling, it requires high heat - upwards of 420 degrees. Although this is a low maintenance texture, it needs to be regularly washed and conditioned or it will tangle. We only recommend two products on this hair:

1. Shampoo

2. Conditioner

The use of any other product will cause it to tangle and shed. Embrace the blessing that is low maintenance hair! We highly recommend watching the video below to get the most out of your Blowout collection. It will teach you how often to wash it (waiting too long will cause it to tangle and shed) and it also stresses the importance of letting it completely dry before using heat tools on it. Using heat tools on 99% dry hair will fry it beyond repair! It needs to be 100% dry.

Installing the Blowout

In this video, you'll learn how to put in the Shoulder Chic Blowout using one set. 

I use the longer wefts in the back of my head and the shorter wefts at the top and sides. I then brush my hair to blend. 

Storing the Blowout

Storing your Kurly Klips the right way is super important if you want to keep them ready to wear. We show you some of our favoriteways to store in the video below!