Ponytails Care Guide

Growing from your head - that's how we designed these ponytails to look! Not only that, but once you get the hang of it, putting on these ponies will take five minutes tops - perfect for Kurlies on the go!

The videos below will show you how to put your ponies on. The key is to put your natural hair into a small bun or ponytail first. Then place the Kurly Klips pony on top.

If your natural hair is too big to fit underneath the Kurly Klips pony, make a ponytail with it and put the hair that's hanging out in 3-5 braids. That should reduce the volume of your hair so it can fit inside the pony.


Installing the Ponytail Fro (&3c)


Installing the Curly Ponies on Thick Hair

Caring for your Puffs & Ponies

The videos below will show you how to care for our Fro and Blowout collection. We recommend visiting both the Fro Care Guide and the Blowout Care Guide to learn more.

Storing your Kurly Klips

Storing your Kurly Klips the right way is super important if you want to keep them ready to wear. We show you some of our favoriteways to store in the video below!