Puff & Ponies Care Guide

Our Puffs & Ponies come in three different textures and three different attachment styles. What they have in common is how the hair is attached to the base. The wefts are sewn on in horizontal rows. We recommend using weft sealant as an added protection against shedding.

Care Routine

Before Wearing: Spray this hair with a conditioner + water mix to refresh the curls if necessary. 

After Wearing: Detangle the hair weft by weft and store neatly away.  

After 5 Wears: Wash, deep condition, and apply the recommended products.

Detangling the Fro

The Fro requires finger detailing and application of the Curl Maker by Camille Rose. 

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Detangling the 3c

The 3c Curls requires finger detailing and application of the Curl Maker by Camille Rose. 

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Detangling the Blowout

The Blowout requires brushing the hair out before and after wear. Avoid all leave-ins, oils, and sheens.

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Detangling the Spirals

The Spirals can be finger detangled using Melanin Leave-in.

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How to Make it More Voluminous

Want your ponytail to look like the website pictures? This video will show you the simple technique to allow you to do just that!

Detangling Tutorial

Learn how to care for your Ponytail Fro and 3c weft by weft. Please note that we now recommend the Curl Maker for this hair. 

How to Wash

1. Detangle using the steps above beforehand. FAILING TO DO SO MIGHT RUIN YOUR PUFF/PONYTAIL. THIS IS NOT A GAME.

2. Wash in a big tub or sink for space. 

3. Work one weft at a time. Use duck clips to keep the rest of the hair separate.

4. Apply a moisturizing shampoo to the hair in downward strokes. Do this for all the wefts. Never scrunch the hair or rub it together.

5. Rinse so the water runs straight down the hair (this is when using a tub is helpful). 

6. Working one weft at a time, apply ample amounts of conditioner.

7. Gently brush the lower quadrant of the hair until it is detangled. Move your way up to the second quadrant until it too is detangled. Gently work your your way up. Then let the conditioner sit on the hair for a deep condition treatment.

8. When finished with all wefts, rinse so the water runs straight down the hair. 

9. Select your texture from the list above and follow the next steps.

The More Conditioner the Better!

I use at least twice this much rinse-out conditioner. The more conditioner you use, the less shedding you'll see during the care process. That's why I recommend Tresemme's Moisture Rich. You can buy a huge jug of it for a low cost and it works very well. 

Product Recommendations

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3c Curls Products: HERE

Blowout Products: HERE

Spirals Products: HERE

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