Our Story

In 2013, Entrepreneur and Naturalista, Lana Boone, launched Kurly Klips, the first hair line ever to offer clip-ins for natural hair! At Kurly Klips, our mission has always been to help Kurlies everywhere look and feel their best while embracing their natural texture. And we achieve this mission every day by blessing crowns with premium human hair in natural textures. 

You won’t find better clip-ins anywhere! 

The First and Best Collection of Clip-ins for Black Hair

Over the years, we have built a reputation of excellence, based on our spectacular quality hair, undying commitment to our clients, and widespread endorsements. Read below to learn more about Kurly Klips. 

Exceptional Quality. Unbelievably Natural.

We specialize in providing only the highest quality clip-in hair extensions for black hair. You can expect our clip-ins to have a natural shine, minimal tangling, and virtually no shedding. With proper care, you can rock your Kurly Klips clip-in extensions for years!  

Kurly Klips natural hair clip-ins are crafted with 100% human hair and are very natural-looking. In fact, they are so realistic that they’ll fool others into believing your natural hair reached Rapunzel length overnight! 

Exclusive Selection Of Natural Textures & Styles

Choose from a wide variety of textures that match your natural hair to the T! We’ve got clip-ins in the following textures: 3Cfrospirals, and blowout. In addition to clip-in sets, we also offer headband wigs, and puffs & ponies for a quick and easy all-day slay. Take your pick to elevate your natural mane in the best way. You won’t be disappointed!

Black Owned & Operated

Lana Boone, owner of Kurly Klips, is a Black woman with natural hair. She understands the joys and struggles of natural hair and how important it is to feel and look beautiful. She works day in and day out to provide other black women with top-notch hair that’ll inspire confidence and self-love. 

When you make a purchase from Kurly Klips, not only are you celebrating and supporting a black business, but you’re also helping to elevate the black community as a whole. 

Show your support by purchasing our clip-in extensions!

Industry Celebrated & Trusted Worldwide

Not only has Essence Magazine named us Best in Black Beauty, but we’re the preferred hair line for the English National Opera and the Washington National Opera. Kurly Klips has also been seen on television and in films, and has been trusted worldwide to provide the most natural, realistic looking hair on and off set.

World-Class Customer Service

The customer service staff at Kurly Klips takes every client issue seriously. Therefore, we guarantee quick resolution of your requests and inquiries, ensuring that you’re 100% satisfied - no less.

Get Your Kurly Klips Today!

It’s not just hair...it’s much more! Our clients rave about our clip-ins, stating that they not only made them look more beautiful, but they made them feel better about themselves. Our client testimonials speak volumes! 

Kurly Klips clip-in natural hair extensions will transform your look and boost your self-confidence. Browse our exclusive collection to find the perfect set of clip-ins for you! 

The Owner of Kurly Klips

Meet Lana!

Hi! My name is Lana and I'm the owner of Kurly Klips! I'm from the DMV, but my family is from North Carolina. Here’s a little about myself and how Kurly Klips came to be.  

Back in 2012 and 2013, I was growing out my hair natural hair with sew-ins. I faithfully went to the same stylist every three months and purchased hair from her as well. One day, she told me she had to push my appointment back a month because she was out of stock of hair.

"I've been in this sew-in for three months," I said. "Wouldn't that be harmful to my natural hair?"

She assured me that while it wasn't ideal, it would be fine. She said she had done this before and would be extra gentle to minimize any damage. I trusted her and agreed to wait.

A month later, I went back for my appointment and my hair was NOT okay. It had matted in certain sections and when she tried to separate the braids, I could literally hear it ripping. After she washed it, she left the salon to get something to eat. When she finally returned, my hair was dry, but that didn't stop her from combing through my type 4 strands, popping them along the way.

My fine hair was shredded. While I had achieved my goal of bra strap length hair, a hole gaped in the middle of it. So the stylist cut it back up to my chin and proceeded to braid it down again.

The problem? The braids were too tight and I told her so many times. But she only half-listened to my concerns and continued to install the sew-in. When she finished, she didn't apologize for the damage and made me pay full price, which totaled hundreds of dollars.

The next day, I went on a business trip with my mom and my scalp started to blister along the cornrows. I had painful open soars on my scalp and when I flew home several days later, I immediately took the sew-in out.

Kurlies, I cried that day. I sobbed on the bathroom floor because I felt like such a failure. Both of my career dreams hadn't worked out. I was unemployed. And now this devastating set back with my hair! In a very melodramatic way, I cried: GOD, I GIVE UP! I give up on all my dreams! Whatever you want me to do, I'll do. And that's when I heard a voice from within say clip-in extensions for natural hair.

I rushed to my computer ready to buy some, but shockingly, I couldn't find any. The name Kurly Klips popped into my head a few minutes later and instinctively, I knew what I was supposed to do.

While Kurly Klips was born out of pain, it has blossomed into such a beautiful business! I sought to give my clients something I wasn't receiving from the hair industry at the time: love, respect, honesty, appreciation, and integrity. And to read all of your reviews makes me so proud to know that Kurly Klips continues to do just that.

So thank you for being part of the Kurly Klips family with me. Please know it's always an honor to serve you in this way and I am always here for you if you ever need any help!

Now enough about us! Are you ready to turn heads in your gorgeous new hair?