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The Kurly Klips Story

I am no stranger to sew-ins. For a decade I wore them off and on, and in June 2012, decided to transition to natural hair with kinky curly weaves. I found a wonderful stylist who provided quality sew-ins and natural hair maintenance. It was an expensive way to transition, but I wasn't quite comfortable with my hair’s length to wear it freely.

Then catastrophe struck. The stylist had to cancel my appointment and wasn’t available to do my hair until the following month. Although my weave was three months old, she assured me another month wouldn’t hurt my tresses. I should have listened to my instincts, but the stylist had always provided good service, and I trusted the professional's judgment over my own.

The take down proved horrendous. A few of my cornrows had matted together, but as the stylist washed my hair, many of the tangles disappeared, giving me renewed hope in the process.

But that hope was short lived. After washing out my conditioner, the stylist left the salon to get dinner. By the time she got back, my hair was practically dry, but that didn't stop her from slathering on a moisturizer and brushing my dry afro curls from root to tip. I could hear my hair snapping and even spoke up, but my protests fell on deaf ears.

Then came the braids. I told her she was braiding too tightly, but my objections failed to ease the grip of her heavy hands. After paying a premium for both hair and service, my “protective style,” valued at over $600, offered me nothing but potential traction alopecia and a bird’s nest weave.

I felt pure anguish. A stylist had destroyed 10 months of my hard work in the span of 30 minutes. I would have never treated my hair with the savagery she demonstrated and kept asking: how can I do this myself, but better?

I created Kurly Klips, curly textured clip-in hair extensions, to further empower women in their personal hair care journeys. It’s time for consumers to have more options. Kurly Klips offers versatility, protective styling, and CONTROL over your tresses. When installation and removal only take minutes, you can give your hair the daily, tender loving care it deserves.

Meet the Owner

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Founded 2013

May 2013
Searched dozens of sources for a quality product. So many hair suppliers claim to sell 100% human hair when they actually mix human and animal hair together. This results in poor quality products. After an extensive quest, we found a fabulously honest supplier that sells exclusively 100% human hair. With a proven track record, we were thrilled to add them to the Kurly Klips team.
July 2013
Launched Organized hair parties and sold hair from booths at church events.
August 2013
Kurly Klips featured on the wildly successful blog Natural Belle. Blogger Gina loved our product and said it was a great, easy style for new moms like herself. Fun fact: Prior to trying Kurly Klips, she had shaved her head for a mohawk look. She loved Kurly Klips because when she wore them, they disguised the fact she was missing hair on both sides of her head! It looked like she had a full head of hair and nobody was the wiser (well, except her faithful readers of course).
October 2013
YouTube vlogger Chime Edwards makes a cute video about Kurly Klips with her little sister. They were the first to show how to install Kurly Klips without braids. This sparked the imaginations of a lot of our kurlies.
November 2013
Kurly Klips shipped to its 15th country. Interesting fact: Europe was Kurly Klips’ first adaptor. Recognizing the quality of our product early on, Europeans spread our brand like wildfire. Shout out to my kurlies in Poland!
December 2013
Both Essence and BlackHair UK magazines featured Kurly Klips in their glossy pages. After a thorough vetting by their beauty editors, Kurly Klips was praised for its quality, texture, and longevity.
May 2014
Featured as one of the top 5 natural hair extension and wig brands on famed site Curly Nikki.
October 2014
Celebrated our 500th site review given by a Kurly Klips customer. To say thank you, we gave a set of our lovely Kurly Klips away to one of our YouTube subscribers.
November 2014
Opened our London warehouse so our European Kurlies can receive their Kurly Klips quickly and easily. Yay!
April 2015
Started our Kurly Klips Rewards program to share the love! So many of our Kurlies have been repeat customers over the years. Now, every purchase earns them a Kurly coin that they can redeem for money off. It's our way of saying thank you for being so fabulous!
November 2015
We hit 1000 customer reviews and celebrated with a giveaway. To serve lovely women such as yourselves has truly been our honor. And your feedback? Well, it means the world to us. It genuinely helps us improve + we love living vicariously through your weddings and vacation adventures!
December 2015
Kurly Klips proudly donated 500 books to the non profit First Book, which gives access to new books to children in need. The title we donated was Princess Truly and the Hungry Bunny Problem. Why? Because the main character has natural hair! And Kurly Klips wants to see a world where the next generation of little black girls inherits enormous self-love for their hair texture. 
May 2016
Essence Magazine named Kurly Klips Best in Black Beauty for 2016. What an incredible moment for our Kurly community. Also this month, podcast and television personality Crissle sports her Kurly Klips on MTV2s Uncommon Sense with Charlamagne. Kurly Klips on the small screen is just the beginning!