Hi Kurlies!

Thank you for being you. If you've been reading this newsletter for a while, you know I tell you that a lot. But in my life, I know I don't hear it a lot. So if you're like me and you don't hear it often, let me be the one to tell you: YOU ARE VALUABLE AND IMMENSELY WORTHY. YOU DESERVE THE BEST!

Please enjoy this Valentine's Day edition of our newsletter! Hope it fills you with love!


You are deeply loved. 

A Hydrated Life

If the zombie apocalypse ever comes, my water situation is straight. That’s because I have a portable water filter that can clean even pond water, friend. POND WATER! But check this - when I first got it, I would often forget to fill it. I would tell myself, “Oh, I’ll fill it up later tonight for tomorrow!” But I would forget, the next day would come, and womp womp - there would be no water when I needed it. Realizing I had a broken system, I set out to create a new one. Now, I fill my filtration system with a gallon of water right before taking my daily gallon out. Et voilà! I always have clean water now.

As with water filtration, so with life.

Before I do anything that has the potential to be draining, I fill myself up first. What does this look like? Before engaging in a difficult conversation for instance, I do something that brings me joy - like watching a funny video, or taking a walk in nature, or eating my favorite snack while listening to affirmation music. I pour love into myself, so that I can engage from a place of fullness instead of lack.

When our wells are dry, what can we offer emotionally, physically, spiritually, or verbally? When our wells are full, we are abundance Herself responding from a place of depth.

So take care of yourself, Kurlies. Remember to fill yourself up with love - especially before and during difficult times. May you wade through life’s waters (even the murky pond waters) hydrated, full, glowing, and free.



Thank you for your love over the years, Kurlies! If you don't have a Valentine you can always be mine ♥️

Love you!

Your Sister in Beauty,

✨ Lana ✨