Hi Kurlies!

It's officially cozy season, and I hope you're enjoying this beautiful Autumn!

You may have noticed a change if you've recently checked out the Kurly Klips website. What's new? We now offer discounted pre-orders for all out-of-stock products! This means purchasing your favorite Kurly Klips whenever you wish, getting 10% off pre-orders.

We will generally keep delivery times on pre-orders a month out, but the order can ship weeks before the date we give. For instance, we're expecting a shipment today. So if you pre-order now, you'll receive the discount, and your hair will likely ship Monday! A month gives us extra padding in case there are production or shipping delays (which can happen from time to time).

A big thank you to some really cool apps that help streamline the pre-order process! We are always on the hunt for technology that helps improve our service. We're so happy to offer pre-orders now - a service many of you have asked for 🦋

So if anything, I hope this sparks a little joy! Please know we appreciate you so much!


Morning Magic!

So this October, I wanted to share a morning practice with you that has CHANGED MY LIFE! I use an app called Law of Attraction, and before I get out of bed, I do an activity called Pre-Paving. In this activity, the app asks you four questions: 

1. What are your plans for today? 
2. How do you want those plans to go?
3. How do you want to feel throughout your day?
4. What things would you like to see during and after the day?


I answer each question in a complete sentence. So, for example, I write: I want my plans to go with great ease and joy. 

And when I finish, I click save. 


The magic?

Whatever I write for question three ALWAYS manifests. So if I say I want to feel respected, cherished and loved, I experience these feelings throughout my day without consciously trying to do so. 

And you know what feels good? Laying my head on my pillow at night, feeling supported and fulfilled emotionally. 

Many people chase dreams when they actually want to catch feelings. They want the feeling of being successful, beautiful, and loved. They want the feeling of being respected, honored, and adored. 


The great cosmic joke? 

All these feelings are available to us now if we are open to feeling them. It's like waiting for Christmas to open our presents when the Divine is like, Ma'am, you can open these now! We will give you new gifts daily if you're only willing to open them!

Here's to busting into our blessings like we bust into our Kurly Klips packages. May we pre-pave the way to our emotional abundance, and may we do so with great ease and joy. 



As always, thank you for all the love you have shown both myself and Kurly Klips throughout the years. It's a blessing to have you part of the family.


Your Sister in Beauty,