Happy New Year, Kurlies!

You know your girl likes to get a head start, so I've already prayed that your 2022 is abundant, and joyful, and full of breathtaking love!

Now, all you've got to do is receeiiivvveee, bayybbiieeeeee!!!!!

Anyway ya'll, I think I might have stumbled on a Ciara-style prayer that will truly have life changing results!

The great thing about this prayer is that it's not connected to externalities at all. It's about becoming the true you, which creates an inner abundance that can't help but overflow into your external reality. And if you don't believe in God, that's cool too! Just think of this prayer as going out to your Higher Self.




So I know many of you have heard the verse: ask and it shall be given. Here's what I realized in meditation: the key is to ask for internal states of being.

The best part? All you need is mustard seed faith. You can doubt it 99% as long as you hold out 1% that maayybbeee it could work. Honestly, that's what makes it fun! Allowing yourself to believe in the crazy 1% chance lol! Just remember to frame your request with gratitude as if it's already been done.


❊ Thank you for transforming me into my Higher Self.

❊ Thank you for transforming me into an eternally calm being.

❊ Thank you for transforming me into someone who is responsive, rather than reactive.

❊ Thank you for transforming me into an emotionally healthy adult.

❊ Thank you for healing all that needs to be healed within me.

❊ Thank you for giving me true beauty and true confidence.

❊ Thank you for blessing me with the best version of my life.

❊ Thank you for transforming me into the person who is prepared to live the best version of my life.

❊ Thank you for giving me the compassionate heart of the Christ, the enlightened mind of the Buddha, the eternal peace of the Prophet, and the beautiful vitality of the Shakti - goddess energy.



What states of being do you want to inhabit? Figure this out, ASK for it with the gratitude, and then watch how you transform!

Some helpful tips:

One thing I've learned in yoga is that poses matter. So I like to sit crossed-leg with pillows behind my back (I normally do this in bed in the mornings and in the evenings) and then I rest my open palms on top of each other on my lap. But if you're feeling anxiety, sometimes it helps to place your palms face down on your knees. And if sitting crossed-leg is uncomfortable for you, just try to get yourself in a comfortable position where your spine can be straight.

AND - there's no need to be dogmatic about anything. Just ask every morning from the heart. Who do you want to be? What state of being do you want? What habits would you like to have? What skills do you want to acquire or learn to love? Shoot, a few of mine are: thank you for helping me LOVE to cook LOL. Thank you for giving me an eagle eye for opportunity! Thank you for helping me master my finances!

The process should be fun, and if you allow it, it will transform you!



So that's it! This prayer has worked for me and I hope it works for you! I hope it opens the gateway to the best possible version of your life! May Love surround you with ecstatic joy, power, and peace!

Happy New Year!

Your Sister in Beauty!

✨ Lana ✨

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PPS - the photo above (with the elephant) is of @flow_joao in her Mermaid Fro!