Hi Kurlies! 


Thank you so much for dancing with me for another year in life. You are the best dance partner a woman in business could ever ask for, and I appreciate you so much.

I wrote this poem in tribute to 2022. As we close out this last song of the year, may it remind you that you’re always surrounded by love.



☀︎ Soulmates ☀︎

At the rise of your first yawn
She was there
Whispering to your bones to grow
Gathering the best mud from the universe
Fertilizing you into being

This friend of the child divine
She calls you
Revealing the secrets of all
Gifting you with her wisdom
Speaking at sacred pace

Among your greatest counselors
She guides you
Activating your expansion
Launching you into destiny
Advising you who hears

At the setting of your last breath
She was there
Never having left your side
Loving you eternally
Time holds your hands and dies

-Lana Wesley Boone





Thank you for the light you've shared this year, Kurlies. I want to leave you with a passage from Joseph Campbell's The Power of Myth.


CAMPBELL: Then when these two chaps get into a fight and are brought before the king for judgment, this trickster god appears, and he says, “It’s my fault, I did it, and I meant to do it. Spreading strife is my greatest joy.”

MOYERS: There’s a truth in that.

CAMPBELL: There sure is. Heraclitus said strife is the creator of all great things. Something like that may be implicit in this symbolic trickster idea. In our tradition, the serpent in the Garden did the job. Just when everything was fixed and fine, he threw an apple into the picture. No matter what the system of thought you may have, it can’t possibly include boundless life. When you think everything is just that way, the trickster arrives, and it all blows, and you get change and becoming again.



Here's to becoming more and more liberated, more and more free.


Your Sister in Beauty,

✨ Lana ✨