Hi Kurlies! 


Happy Gratitude Season!!!!

I have some exciting news for you this month! To show you our appreciation, all orders will now be shipped with premium insurance at no additional cost to you! If your package gets lost or stolen, simply email us, and the insurance company will have you sign an affidavit. From there, we can replace it. Simple as pie! The holidays can be a challenging time for shipping, and we hope this makes it a less stressful experience.  

As for a bit of holiday love, enjoy free shipping until the end of the year with code: LoveYouFriend

Now, on to this month's essay! It could be your answered prayer...


✨ Mind vs. Gut ✨


Have you ever wanted something, even though, deep down, you knew it wasn't for you? You wanted to love it. Your mind made up a thousand reasons why you should love it, but something in your gut still said no. This has been happening to me a lot while shopping for clothes. I'll get a weird feeling about an article of clothing, buy it anyway, only for it to get ruined before I can wear it. 

For instance, a few months ago, I went into a boutique and picked out several cute items I wanted to purchase. While I felt unsure about one of the dresses, I bought it anyway because, to be honest, I just really liked the sales lady. She had MAJOR auntie vibes... and I just really love auntie vibes...

ANYWAY, several weeks passed, and I realized I would never wear that dress. However, when I tried to sell it, I noticed a significant burn mark on the shoulder. Where that mark came from? I have no idea. All I knew was that I had wasted money (in this economy!) on something I had a weird feeling about and didn't even get to wear. 


A month later, I found an ivory top online with a beautiful sweetheart neckline. I love sweetheart necklines, so I purchased it - thinking it might be perfect for the holidays. When it arrived, I tried it on, but I wasn't crazy about the fabric or the fit. While the fabric was high quality, I prefer softer, more natural materials. And when it came to the fit, I should have sized down. But despite these reservations, I decided to keep it anyway because I wanted to love it - even though, if I was honest with myself, I didn't completely love it. 

Again, several weeks went by, and I pulled out the top to wear it. To my shock, pink stains covered it from front to back. Where did these pink stains come from? I have no idea, but they were permanent. 


Then a few days ago, one of my favorite stores started its holiday sale. I popped in to get a pair of pants I had been eyeing for MONTHS when I saw the prettiest blush pink sweater. I tried it on and liked it, but that same weird feeling washed over me again. Unable to resist the sale, I purchased it anyway because I loved the color, despite the knit being a little chunky for my frame. 

When I got home, I couldn't shake the feeling. What's the point of keeping this sweater when it might get mysteriously ruined before wearing it? So I marched back to the shop, returned it, wept for the beautiful blush pink color that would not be mine, and felt so much better. 


The moral of the story: we often have no idea why our intuition is warning us about something, but it's usually in our best interest to listen to it. Sometimes things just aren't meant for us, and when we try to make them ours anyway, they never live up to the hype. Also, who wants to spend hard-earned resources on something dead on arrival?

Is there anything you're trying to talk yourself into even though something about it doesn't feel quite right? The fantasy is lovely, but there's this little nagging feeling you can't quite shake. If so, take this as your sign to listen to it. 


Remember: the mind is chatty, while the gut uses the word "no" as a complete sentence. 



Hope this little message helps, Kurlies! Thank you for being part of the Kurly Klips family and please know we are sooooooo incredibly grateful for you!


Your Sister in Beauty,

✨ Lana ✨