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This essay was inspired by the few months I had Netflix. Per usual, it came to me after a meditation and I hope it touches your heart in a beautiful way.



The Gift

Have you ever let someone you don’t know very well borrow $100k? Because I've been watching Netflix shows like The Tinder Swindler, The Worst Roommate Ever, and Bad Vegan, and apparently a lot of people do! I'm not gonna lie, the sheer thought of my Taurus behind letting anyone “hold” that amount of money had me cracking up! I mean, truly rolling.

Until that still small voice asked: Why are you laughing when you give your body away for less?

From Giggles to Gags

If I wouldn't give a certain person 100k, why would I give them my body - and everything it encompasses, like my energy and my time? It begs the question: why do I see 100,000 dollars as more valuable than myself?

How much am I worth?

How much are you worth?

Spoiler Alert

At the risk of sounding like your grandmama, you’re priceless. I’m priceless. We all have infinite value and worth. There’s nothing we can do to minimize it. It stays with us forever.

So isn’t it time we start acting like it? How much of ourselves are we willing to give to another? Can they pay the cost of being in relation with us? The cost being conscious love, which naturally encompasses healthy respect.

Maybe they can’t pay, so we choose to give a smile and a prayer - but nothing really beyond that.

Maybe they can and we choose to give them the intimacy of friendship.

But it’s a fun thought experiment. Next time you’re with another adult, ask yourself: would you lend them 100k? And if you wouldn’t, determine how much of yourself you’re willing to give them. We’re far more valuable than 100k, Kurlies. May we never laugh away our worth.


Thank you for rocking with Kurly Klips for nearly nine years of my life, Kurlies! It has been such an honor to be in service to you in this way!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Love you!

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