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The English National Opera & Kurly Klips | Kurly Klips

The English National Opera & Kurly Klips

When the order came in for the English National Opera, I almost died. Because Kurlies, this is BIG TIME.  To provide hair for their rendition of Porgy & Bess was such an honor. Many of you might not know, but my mom grew up in the theater, as did I. And to be part of such an iconic show at such an iconic Opera House... GIRL. It was such a proud moment, not only for me, but for also my whole family.  While I didn't get a chance to travel to London to see the show, the pictures are in and...

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Why Celebrity Stylist Monaé Everett Loves Kurly Klips | Kurly Klips

Why Celebrity Stylist Monaé Everett Loves Kurly Klips

Monaé Everett is a celebrity hair stylist with over 17 years of experience. Her work can be seen in media ranging from Harper's BAZAAR to Yahoo! to ESSENCE. She has worked with celebs ranging from Taraji P Henson to Sofia Wylie to Mara Brock-Akil. Find out why Kurly Klips is her first choice for clients 🥂 By Monaé Everett  The main issue I was having her before discovering Kurly Klips was that I could not find a great texture match for myself and my natural hair clients. Many people with natural hair were feeling limited by having to work with only...

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When Complaints Are Life Changing | Kurly Klips

When Complaints Are Life Changing

Hi Kurlies,   Perhaps I should apologize. About two years ago, Kurly Klips changed its packaging from a pink box to a garment bag. I wrote it about it in newsletters, blog posts, and on social media. Today, we package the hair in a lux black cosmetic bag perfect for traveling and storage. While we haven't been using the box (seen in old YouTube videos) in years, recently, we've been getting emails about it. Not only do they express disappointment about the lack of a box, but they also ask for refunds because of it.At first, your girl was very in her feelings...

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Letters from Lana: Remember Your Joy | Kurly Klips

Letters from Lana: Remember Your Joy

From our May newsletter... It’s Taurus season and you know what that means? This loyal (and occasionally stubborn) bull has got your back!!! Today, we’ve restocked some of your favorite products, so if you’ve been looking for them, be sure to grab yours because unfortunately, we’re still living that limited supply life.  Why? Becuase Kurly Klips has standards, and I don't sell my girls just anything.  Speaking of living our highest quality life, my intuition (whom I like to call Holy Spirit), frequently chats with me about self-care. You see, I used to think self-care consisted of massages, mani-pedis, happy hours, and brunches. Like mini-vacations,...

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This Year We're Giving To: Hair On Purpose | Kurly Klips

This Year We're Giving To: Hair On Purpose

Every year, Kurly Klips donates to an organization that serves the Black community in some way. This year, we're proud to support Hair on Purpose! Tell me more about Hair on Purpose! Hair On Purpose helps young girls make healthy and purposeful decisions regarding their hair and life. They not only teach young Black girls about their hair, they also promote healthy self-esteem, including embracing oneself fully. Their interactive, fun, and transformational activities are designed to provoke thought, inspire change, and uplift. This year, Hair on Purpose will hold conferences in both Washington, DC and New York City for girls between the ages of 10 and 17. This year's theme is: The...

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Letters from Lana: Stock | Kurly Klips

Letters from Lana: Stock

From our April newsletter... Hi Kurlies,  I know I missed last month's newsletter and I'm sorry about that. As you may or may not know, my maternal grandmother passed in January, and we were very close. Although I barely wept, my grief did something strange. It sank into my bones. It created knots in my back and neck. It gripped my body with cold steel fingers and enmeshed itself in muscle under my flesh.Has this ever happened to you?But it wasn't just the death of my grandmother. The death of Kurly Klips has also crept into my thoughts. You see, the...

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