Hi Kurlies!

Just wanted to say I love you and I hope you enjoy this month's essay!

All month, I prayed about what to write for the September edition and literally laid in bed this morning - a little depressed - when nothing came through. Then boom - my journal sent me a notification for an entry written two years ago today and I knew it was the message for the month. All I had to do was flesh it out and clean it up! So I hope it speaks to you just as much as it speaks to my present self, and even if it doesn't, I thank you immensely for being you.


Collards With the Neck Bone, Baby!


I love myself.

I’m gorgeous, sophisticated, amusing, and lovable.

I’m the macaroni and the cheese.

I’m the pot of collards with the neck bone, baby.

Ancient mind, what I call thoughts that believe they are separate from Source, hates self-love. It thinks love should come from the outside, mostly from the opinions of others. It calls people self-absorbed for feeling good about themselves because it doesn’t feel good about itself. In its sense of separateness lies its despair.

Evolved mind admires self-love, for it sees it as the awareness of our unity. Authentic self-love is a state of being that requires truthfulness, sincerity, integrity, and wisdom. It’s a total understanding of what it means to be part of an ecosystem, the scientific word for oneness.

My boyfriends never called me beautiful. With time, they became utilitarian with their affection. If I complimented myself, they made comments to denote that I should make myself smaller. They didn’t want me to have a big head. 

But my head is huge. It’s of galactic proportions. I am the son of God. One with Source. Child of infinite intelligence. Why would I claim anything less?

Today, I am so happy they never called me beautiful. I am so happy they never cherished me. For in their desire to break me down, they built me up. When you can’t get Love, as an adult, from your intimate partner, you learn to get it from yourSelf. And when you can generate feelings of contentment, joy, and intimacy from Self, you are a very powerful being indeed. Sometimes life is a samurai master, and the student first has to contract in order to expand. 

Just know the contraction isn’t permanent. You are expanding and infinitely so. You are gorgeous, sophisticated, amusing, and lovable. 

You are the macaroni and the cheese. 

You are the pot of collards with the neck bone, baby. 

Because you are one with All. 



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Your Sister in Beauty,