Hi Kurlies,  


Have you ever felt full of light? If so, when? What were you doing when you felt full of light? Were you sunbathing by a window or on a beautiful beach? Were you speaking a kind word to yourself or another?  Were you dancing to your favorite song? When were the times you felt full of light? 


For me, feeling my best means taking note of how I respond to different activities. I have two lists: the first is made up of solitary activities that fill me with light and the second with social activities that fill me l light. 


The first list is important because when we take me-time, we shower ourselves with love and integrate all we’ve come to know. And the second list, what I like to call we-time, can be as simple as treating someone to a coffee or even taking a walk with a friend. Both activity lists (me-time and we-time) are needed to live a balanced life. 


But what do we do when we feel imbalanced and can’t pinpoint why?


We ask ourselves how we feel during certain activities. So this may look like:


❊ I wake up, put on some joyful music, make my bed and brush my teeth. How do I feel?  ✨Lit✨

❊ I start scrolling through Instagram. How do I feel? Dimmed.  

❊ I start working and writing thank you notes. How do I feel? ✨Lit✨

❊ I talk to a certain person. How do I feel? Dimmed. 


Writing our activities down gives us a better understanding of what fills us with light and what dims us. We might also discover that our me-time and we-time lists require more balance. 


That Part...


So what brings me down? My phone and everything on it lol. A lot of tv shows. Different types of music. Not getting fresh air. Interacting with certain people. 


What lights me up? My daily yoga practice (shout out to Dr. Chelsea!), a juicy novel, joyful music, fresh air, meditating, EFT, therapy, and green smoothies! It’s showing kindness and respect to my friends at the Post Office (for instance) and showing kindness and respect to those unable to do the same for me (this is empowering). 


It’s saying no when something doesn’t feel good in my spirit and saying yes when something does. It’s surrounding myself with people who respect my no as much as my yes, and distancing myself from those who demand my self-abandonment. It’s getting a Light Phone (which only has call and text functionalities) and it's hanging out with nature. It’s spending time with people I love. It's praying for those I find challenging. 


And do I slip up? Sure! A few weeks ago, I spent way too much time on Reddit (lol) and I felt my light dim and my anxiety rise.


So what did I do?


I got back in alignment with myself. I reminded myself who my Source is, did an hour of EFT, some yoga, lit a candle, took a hot shower, watched basketball with my dad, and after two days of doing this, my nervous system reset to peace. 


So if you want to spend more time full of light, I encourage you to make Light Lists of your own. The first is made up of solitary activities (me-time) and the second involves activities with others (we-time). Remember to take note of how your daily activities make you feel and remember to add and remove activities as necessary. 


We are all like delicious cakes...


But to make the cake extra tasty, we require special ingredients and care. Too much social media dries the Lana cake out, but fun novels, fresh air, and yoga makes her irresistible!


You too are irresistible when you treat yourself right. Here’s to sunbathing in our light! May we glow in our self-respect and love. 






PS - sharing is caring! Please feel free to forward to a friend 🌸