Every month, Kurly Klips is aiming to donate to organizations that help the Black community. It's back to school time, so this month, we're donating to the Boys & Girls Club of America!

Tell me more about the Boys & Girls Club!

The Boys & Girls Club is an organization that rarely needs an introduction. That's because the work they do in our community is well known. You see, the clubs are more than a safe place for kids to go after school. They are places where youth get educational support, sports and recreation, health and wellness coaching, as well as leadership development. 



Here are some stats that show the good work the Boys and Girls Club are doing in the communities they serve:

  • 97% of Club teens expect to graduate from high school and 88% expect to complete post-secondary education
  • 74% of club youth volunteer in their community at least once a year
  • 90% of members say they can stand up for what is right, even if their friends disagree. 


    The only way to combat hate is with love. Hoping this donation serves our community in a beneficial way.  


    Your sister in beauty,