Y'all. DO YOU KNOW FLINT STILL DOESN'T HAVE CLEAN DRINKING WATER?!?!?! Yes, lead levels are allegedly safe, but some residents are reporting funky, nasty water still coming from their pipes. The city's water has been poisoning its residents for years, children being among the most vulnerable. According to CNN, lead exposure can cause brain damage in kids, which can lead to permanent neurological impairments, lower IQs, and behavioral problems, among other health effects. 

Did we mention the city is 56% Black? Did we mention 41% of residents live under the poverty line? 

And yet our government is over here talking about how the SYRIAN regime poisons its own citizens. 

It reminds me of when the U.S. was fighting Hitler abroad while acting like Hitler towards its Black citizens at home. 



 ANYWAY. Flint's babies (and the people who care for them) are going to need support as they age. That's why this month we're donating to the Flint Child Health and Development Fund, which is focused on the long-term medical and educational needs of children impacted by the water crisis. Here's a little bit of what they do: 

  • Crisis response
  • Optimal child health & development
  • Early childhood education
  • Continuous access to a pediatric medical home
  • Access to infant and child behavioral health services
  • Nutrition education
  • Healthy food access
  • Safe & healthy home environments
  • Integrated social services
  • Research

And guess what? The Flint Child Health and Development Fund is part of the Community Foundation Greater Flint and this is their new president. 



Flint native Mr. Isaiah M. Oliver - come through brutha! Better make them Alphas proud  🙌🏾  🙌🏾  🙌🏾 

So anyway, helping the children of Flint are where some of your hair dollars are going for the next 30 days. Thank you for supporting Kurly Klips and thank you for supporting the children of Flint. 


Your sister in beauty,