Every month, we highlight a superstar Kurly who is giving us serious hair envy. Meet Adrienne from Las Vegas who owns three sets of the Shoulder Chic Fro. Learn how she transitioned from relaxed hair to natural hair while using Kurly Klips. 



I've used many different products but my favorite so far is Just Natural Hair Care products. I only use the African American Natural Hair Shampoo and the Natural Detangler on the Klips. 


July Kurly of the Month Adrienne Kurly Klips



Depending on how often I wear them, I wash them once a week or once every two weeks. Simply fill the sink with Luke warm water and the Just Natural shampoo, swish each piece around to fully cleans (sometimes I may have to drain and refill the sink depending on how much product buildup is on the hair.)

Rinse the hair well after washing. Towel dry a bit (not completely) to maintain some water. Immediately blend in the natural detangler to each piece sparingly and brush through gently with a paddle brush. This stuff works so good you don't need much and the brush slides clean through. I let them air dry a couple hours and pop them in or if I'm not ready yet, after they've dried, I place them in a large plastic container to keep the moisture. Works perfectly. To keep tight curls, I let them be. For a more fro'd out look, I just use my fingers to separate strands until I reach my desired (not fullness) but "bigness!" 

I tend to keep my own hair fairly well oiled. So if I have any of my own hair out it will be shiny. So a nice oil sheen, or a polisher spray is nice on the Klips for a nice finish. That's it!


Kurly Klips Shoulder Chic Fro



My favorite memory is the very first day I got my clips, I put them in and went to the mall. A woman walked up to me and told me my hair was beautiful and asked how long I had been natural. I literally cracked up laughing as I answered her "Girl, thank you! I've been natural since this morning!" 


kurly klips hair



What I'd like to say is thank you Lana! I love my Klips and I have friends all over the world ordering or wanting to order them. I never did the big chop when I wanted to go natural. So I had a rough time in the beginning of growing out the permed hair. The Klips allowed me to completely cover my own hair keeping it moisturized and growing without wearing itchy wigs and what not. Saved me time and energy. It's been a little over two years since I ordered my first set and now my own hair is perm free and and long past my shoulders in length. 

If you want some, get some! I promise it is worth it! Not only for fabulousness but to help protect and grow out your own natural hair. Try them!

And again Lana, your customer service is impeccable. I feel like we are almost family you've been so helpful. I advertise my Klips, and talk about them and your website to women all the time. This experience has been amazing and I thank you so so very much! 


Thank you for being our Kurly of the Month, Adrienne! I have thoroughly enjoyed our conversations throughout the years and hearing about your life in Asia. It's so refreshing to keep up with Kurlies like yourself in this way. I live for this kind of community and I have so enjoyed serving you. 


Yours in Beauty,