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Heat styling is a hot subject with most naturals. Some are fine with occasional use, but others are strictly no heat. 

Our recently launched My Kinky Straight Blowout has had heat styling as a hot topic at Kurly Klips HQ. If you're looking to maintain your curl pattern, one of our top tips is to stretch your hair without using heat. 



  • Threading

Threading is a heatless African straightening method that has been used for centuries. On well moisturized hair, wrap thread around a section of hair from root to ends. Leave it on overnight for stretched hair in the morning. 

  • CWK Girls

CWK Girls have a hair stretching tool which  uses no heat. The rubber plates work by stretching the hair and holding into place. The results? Heatless straightened hair.  

  • Twist and Braid-outs

Chunky twist-outs and braid-outs also stretch the hair. Try using buns, pineappling, or other styles that elongate the hair overnight. The results: straighter hair in the morning. 

The above tools and techniques also work great on our My Spirals and My Fro textures. Plus, stretching will also help with tangles. 



If stretching does not provide smooth enough results, there are safe ways to use heat.

Always use a good heat protection spray. Heat protector spray creates a protective layer over the hair. It helps prevent too much heat from entering the hair cortex. Use it on your natural hair and your extensions. 

Apply heat protection before applying any heat. Keep styling tools on a medium heat setting and use thermal styling tools. This will allow for a smoother finish without having to apply maximum heat. Our founder Lana is a huge fan of Blow Out brushes. They are quick and easy to use and leave hair with a fuss free blowout look.

Heat protection products will reduce, but not eliminate, heat damage. For those with fine or already damaged hair, you may want to stick to the heatless stretching methods we suggested above. 

Remember less is more. Avoid over using heat. Wrap your natural hair to preserve your blowout so you don't need to keep applying heat daily. 


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Yours in beauty, 

Lana & Gina

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