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#DateMe: Ben’s Chili Bowl (DC)

Have you ever been to Ben’s Chili Bowl in Washington, D.C.? I’ll take you! It’s a date! But what exactly IS this new #DateMe feature? It’s a micro travel vlog where I’ll take you somewhere new every month. So leave your wallet at home, honey! This date is on me.



Ooh, I’m so excited you’re joining me. Today, we’re going to Ben’s Chili Bowl – a Washington, D.C. landmark. PS if you’re actually at work (#realworldblues), this is the time to mute your volume.



To get to Ben’s, you have to make your way down the U Street Corridor.



U Street is home to one of the nation’s largest Black communities. However, gentrification is diversifying the neighborhood, which is why you see all this construction.



Still, it was once known as America’s “Black Broadway” for the vibrant African American community that lived here.



If you love history and culture as much as I do, the African American Civil War Memorial is definitely worth a visit. I actually have relatives who fought in the Civil War, but that’s another story. Today, I’m hungry, so onward to Ben’s!



Ben’s Chili Bowl is a Black-owned restaurant that opened its doors in 1958. Not only has it survived race riots and gentrification, but it continues to serves Presidents, celebrities, and party-goers alike.



As for me, I like the french fries.



And the milkshakes.



Trust me you would too.



The gifs pretty much sum it up, but to better experience U Street + Ben’s Chili Bowl, feel free to check out the video! Plus My Fro is shutting the city DOWN. I am LIVING for my Kurly Klips. 

So I hope you liked our date, Kurlies! U Street is one of my favorite places in D.C. and as a Black business owner myself, Ben’s Chili Bowl is an inspiration. Next month, I would love to take you out again! My treat! Let me know where in the comments.


Love you!!!

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