This is part 1 in a 3 part series of graduation cap hairstyles. We call this the Juicy Criss Cross Braid. Not graduating? Stay tuned! This is still a super cute style to wear with or without a hat.



In these videos, you might notice the year is off on the cap. That’s because Jasmin busted out her old cap from last year. It was fun reliving her graduation day in the video. I hope you enjoy it too!

Jasmin is wearing Kurly Klips hair in the Mermaid Fro to create this look. She starts with snapping a three clip weft at the nape of her neck and a four clip weft above that.

Then she puts the four clip weft at the top of her head and a three clip weft behind that.

She fills in the gap with her two clip wefts – noting the more you use, the juicer the braid will be.

Then Jasmin does her rendition of a fishtail braid. She takes a section from the left and adds it to the right. Then she takes hair from the right, crosses it in front and joins it with the hair on the left. Once she gets closer to her nape, she does a traditional braid to finish it off.

She then fluffs out the roots of her leave-out, and pins them back over the four clip weft.

Jasmin is left with an elegant hairstyle that is functional and beautiful underneath the hat. Whether she decides to keep her cap on or off, her hair will stay gorgeously in place.

To all my students graduating, don’t forget to use those student discount while you can! Email the Care Team with a picture of your student ID to receive 10% off your order.

Congratulations to all my grads! I’m so proud of you! And if you decide to try any of these styles, be sure to hashtag #kurlyklips on IG.


Love you!