We were so excited to be featured by Trials N’ Tresses nearly a year-and-a-half ago, but nowhere as thrilled as we are now. Why? Because they’ve done an update… and ladies… it is good. After 1+ year of Kurly Klips, the ladies at TNT are still in love.






First, let me say that this review update was completely unexpected. I haven’t been in contact with them since they reached out to Kurly Klips for their initial review (above).

So what makes this review helpful? Their pro/con list – which is an excellent resource for new customers.


Trials N Tresses Kurly Klips


Not only that, but they emphasize something I continue to tell you myself: practice improves styling.

To achieve beautiful blends, they eventually started positioning the clips just as they would a sew-in. So remember to have patience with yourself. Clip-in extensions are not hard to put in! If you’re new to them, you just have to practice.

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Hope this helps!