Ponytail 3c Curls


The Ponytail they WISH they had. 

19in curly, 24in straight • natural color (soft black/dark brown) • 100% human • can be dyed • ships from the USA • secured with a clip and ribbon attachment • please know the curls in this product come very defined and you must separate them with your fingers to create the volume seen in these pictures. 

Note: Model is wearing the 70g. The 70g has a smaller base, which is why we recommend it for fine hair. If you have thicker hair, we recommend the 135g as it has a larger base to cover your thicker hair. 

Installing: The Ponytail Fro and 3c

In this video, you'll learn how to put in the Ponytail Fro. It's the same exact way you put in the Ponytail 3c, so feel free to use this tutorial for both. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the ponytail come looking this voluminous?

No - the ponytail comes with it's curls very defined. You must separate the curls with your fingers to achieve more volume. Feel free to check out our YouTube tutorial here.

What length is this hair?

Our luscious Ponytail 3c is 24in straight and approximately 19in curly. 

What color does it come in?

The natural color of the donor, which is between a soft black and dark brown. It can be dyed to your unique hair color once you receive it.

Can I wash and style this hair?

Absolutely! This hair loves to be washed and deep conditioned. It's 100% human, so feel free to flat iron it, wand curl it, color it, etc.

Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely! We ship worldwide using DHL and other couriers. Customs + duties may apply.

Are you Black owned & do you give back?

Yes to both! We're owned by a Black woman and we do give back! Organizations we've given to include United Negro College Fund and the Boys and Girls Club. 

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