Hair Extension Detangling Caddy

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You love this detangling caddy.

Because it's time to co-wash your hair extensions. Normally you would dread this day. It took longer than you wanted. Sometimes you had to grip the weft with your teeth to get a good hold. Plus, shedding occurred at times.

But those days are long behind you. And your detangling session is gentler, easier, and faster than ever. You're putting in less work and your hair extensions are lasting month after month.

Features and Benefits

  1. Makes washing, detangling, air drying, blow drying, flat ironing, twisting, and braiding, much easier.
  2. Designed to keep your hair extensions firmly in place as you care for them.
  3. Prevents the hair from bunching up as you detangle.
  4. Sturdy hold. Uses suction cups to grip onto surfaces like countertops and shower walls.
  5. Lightweight and perfect for travel. Traveling bag included.
  6. Ships to the U.S. and Canada only. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need this?

It's better than gripping the wefts with your teeth (yuck!). This caddy allows you to use two hands and keeps the hair from bunching together. Trust us - it's so worth it. 

What surfaces can I use this on?

This works on most bathroom and kitchen surfaces. 

How does it stick?

The caddy uses suction cups. Be sure to place a towel underneath the hair to ensure the suction cups don't get wet. If they get wet, they'll lose their grip. 

Can I get it wet?

Absolutely! The caddy comes with hanger attachments. Use those if submerging your caddy so you don't have to worry about the suction cups slipping. 

Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely! We ship worldwide using DHL and other couriers. Customs + duties may apply.

Is Kurly Klips Black owned & do you give back?

Yes to both! We're owned by a Black woman and we do give back! Organizations we've given to include United Negro College Fund and the Boys and Girls Club. 

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