Enjoy complimentary shipping on all orders.
Enjoy complimentary shipping on all orders.

Why Kurly Klips?

We got 99 reasons, but for the sake of brevity, here's our Top 10.

1) We know Black hair - we're not a random person who has never seen Black hair in real life before. We have Black hair. Our mamas have Black hair. Our cousins have Black hair. So needless to say, we know what Black hair is supposed to look and feel like. 

2) We're the experts - back in 2013, nobody was selling clip-ins for Black hair. We were the first. Instead of going off in a million directions (weaves, frontals, etc.), we decided to focus on clip-ins for Black hair and be the best at that.

3) We wash all our hair in-house - we have been called crazy for this. But Lana, the owner of the company, washes all the hair herself. So yes, your hair is hand-washed and inspected with love before it's shipped to you.

4) Our clients love us - with nearly 2,000 reviews and testimonials, we are the most trusted name in hair. Seriously. Who else has nearly 2,000 reviews??? WHERE THEY AT???

5) Discreet and fast shipping - we pride ourselves on our super fast shipping times. Plus, with our discreet packaging, nobody will know you just received hair in the mail. 

6) Superior customer care - we have an A-list clientele and believe in treating everyone as such. So whether you're starring in feature films or shaping young minds in schools, you will be treated with dignity, respect, and love.

7) We use our own pictures - Did you know that the vast majority of pictures hair companies use are fake? Many are stollen pictures of cute black girls on the internet. At Kurly Klips, all pictures and images are our own. If you see someone using OUR pics, please report them. 

8) We only sell the best - we've thrown away $20,000 worth of product because it didn't meet our standard. And yes, threw away - because our manufacturers wouldn't let us send it back.

9) The industry loves us - Essence Magazine named us Best in Black Beauty and we've also been featured on MTV, the Huffington Post, Black Hair UK, Pride, RuPaul What's the Tee, the Read podcast, Black Hair and Beauty, and many many more. 

10) We're a faith-based business - whether you are gay or straight; atheist, muslim, jewish, or other; healthy and/or recovering, I LOVE YOU ALL AND THINK YOU ARE FABULOUS JUST THE WAY YOU ARE. You will always get honesty and respect from me.