Unboxing Your Kurly Klips

When you join the Kurly family, we hand-select the finest quality human hair for your sets. Each set has been freshly washed and conditioned at our headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland. We create your sets with love and tend to them with care.

Every set of Kurly Klips comes in the natural color of the donor. The hair has never been chemically dyed. This means you might notice a few gray hairs in your set. This is 100% natural.

You might also notice a few red or gold streaks. This can be caused by henna the donor used to keep her hair strong and healthy. Again, it is completely natural.

At Kurly Klips, we use a very gentle process when we prepare your extensions for you. We often use brightly colored string to measure out the hair and cut it into one of our signature lengths. We do our best to remove these strings, but sometimes a couple might pop up in a set. We apologize for this. Just know it does not impact the luscious quality of the hair itself.

Don’t want the grays, henna strands, or colored threads? No problem. Each can be removed by simply snipping them out. This will not impact the quality or the integrity of your hair extensions.

It's a Date!

When you first get your Kurly Klips, set up a playdate with them. Practice opening and closing the snap clips to get a feel for how they work.

Figure out the clip placement that works best for you. Watch some of our YouTube videos for inspiration. Practice makes perfect!