Kurlies from around the world are blossoming into their best selves! At Kurly Klips, we're not just about hair. We're about making the whole woman feel good. 

It taught me to properly care for my roots

Before discovering Kurly Klips, I definitely had a hard time finding human hair extensions that mimicked my natural hair texture. It was EXTREMELY frustrating! I felt like the hair industry didn't think natural hair was beautiful enough to invest in. What's different about Kurly Klips? The customer service is absolutely phenomenal! But what really made me obsessed with the product was the quality of the hair. I had never purchased kinky curly hair that was so vertaile and gave me endless options! And I love options!

The moment I installed the extensions for the first time, I thought God was being too good to me! I could not believe that there was a hair company that provided a product that mimicked my natural hair flawlessly, to the point where my own family did not realize I had in extensions! Kurly Klips is my holy grail! When I'm lazy and look a mess, Kurly Klips never lets me down. Plus, it's quick and easy to install. But most importantly, this product has built my confidence, pushed me to embrace my own natural hair, and has taught me how to properly care for my roots. 

Jasmin S, O.G. Kurly

I purchased them after 2 years of research!

Due to the surge in natural hair products, I have been able to nurture my hair with healthier ingredients. That was a beautiful moment for me, but I was finding myself getting scissor happy because I wanted, "something new." I was bored with having a mid-back length when I pressed my natural hair which was only once a year, but having a bob when my hair was in its natural state due to shrinkage.

"I love your hair!" That was the compliment I received each time I wore the Klips. "You know it's not all mine..." I would tell on myself each time in order to share my excitement with others in hopes that something as simple as a change of hairstyle could revive their hair point of view.

I purchased my Kurly Klips after 2 years of researching and reading reviews. I know that's a long time, but I was not about to spend $400 on 2 boxes of hair and I had absolutely NO experience with extensions, clip-ins, weave and the list goes on. I am glad I did!

@chicaonthego, actress

Kurly Klips will forever be a game changer!

I have always been a hesitant consumer, especially when it comes to curly hair. The ups and downs of natural temperamental curly hair is a huge stress! Kurly Klips has changed the world of "Kurlies."  After my first purchase of Klips, my hair stress decreased and my confidence increased. 

Kurly Klips is an investment that I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for quality on all levels. From the quality of the products, to the customer service, Kurly Klips will forever be a game changer. 

Bethany C, occupational therapist

Mixes perfectly with my hair!

The big advantage of Kurly Klips, for me, is that they are extremely easy to install and remove. Thus, it becomes much more practical to take care of your natural hair while wearing this kind of "protective" hairstyle: nothing prevents you to remove them every night, to take care of your real hair, and to repair them. I also love how  my natural hair mixes perfectly with these extensions.

The  Youtube Channel  of the brand, hosted by the beautiful Lana, provides answers to ALL the questions that one could ask! There is a slew of tutorials showing how to install and care for the hair extensions.

These Kurly Klips still represent a sacred investment. So when, at the end of 2 weeks, my hair started to get tangled, I started to panic a bit... and finally did exactly as in the video. I untangled each row of extensions with a lot of conditioner (Pantene for info), it did not take much time, it was enough to properly tackle the tips and then my brush with wide teeth slid all alone!

Once rinsed and dried, the locks have returned to their original state of origin :) so I think I'll keep them a long while, and that's rather good news.

@mercredie, 27.2k followers , translated from French

Kurly Klips gave me the push I needed

Kurly Klips has given me the confidence I need to wear my hair natural. But I'm not dependent on Kurly Klips. Kurly Klips gave me the push that I needed to see myself as beautiful in my own natural skin & hair. But I can't thank Lana enough for creating these extensions! I've worn every kind of hairstyle. You name it & I've rocked it: sew-ins, partial sew-ins, kinky twists, zillions, box braids, latch-hooks, Allen Iverson type braided hairstyles, short weave, long weave, etc.

When I would wear partial sew-ins, the fake straight hair never ever matched my straight hair. No matter what brand or texture I bought, my hair just wasn't as straight as the fake hair and therefore didn't match. You could clearly tell that I had extensions. But Kurly Klips matches my hair so incredibly well that its mind blowing! So thank you from the bottom of my heart to Kurly Klips for pretty much changing my life. 

@nailahbisou, model

Folks still haven't figured out that I'm wearing KK!

My favorite Kurly Klips memory is going from the Bobcat Fro to the Kinky Straight Blowout. At the salon, I actually saw my hair blown out, which I had not seen in 6 months. Even though I am aging and my hair is thinning, my natural hair is BEAUTIFUL!  My natural wave pattern is AWESOME. When my stylist blew me out and then klipped in the Blowout hair... I was blown away.  The texture blends in perfectly with my hair.  Way to go LANA!  Folks still haven't figured out that I am wearing Kurly Klips!  When they comment on how beautiful my hair is, I tell them. They are AMAZED!

Karen C, founder of The Feelings Co., Lana's Mom (lol)

No more traumatizing stylists!

Before I found Kurly Klips, I was struggling with weaves and wigs as the only available options for natural (afro-textured) extensions. Weaves felt too invasive and restrictive, and wigs felt too unnatural. I felt like I wasn't supported in the market as a Black woman. The feeling was similar to not being able to find my shade of foundation at the beauty store. 

Kurly Klips literally fixed EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. I remember when I found the website and read Lana's story. I remembered all the horrible experience I'd had with weaves and overly-aggressive hairdressers. Kurly Klips Klips were the only clip-ins for afro-textured hair that I'd ever seen. 

Honestly, as soon as I got them I knew they would be a game-changer. They are so easy to take out and put in. They also matched my texture perfectly - that blew my mind. Now, wherenever I want some length, I don't have to stress about someone accidentally traumatixing me with scissors or a weave needle. It's super easy, and I feel more seen as a Black woman than I did before. 

Kimber-Lee , founder of @joliecoquette 

Now my hair is almost as long as the Bobcat length!

After I finished college, I double-downed on my commitment to "go natural" but I was massively insecure about it. I didn't have the length I wanted to wear my hair confidently. It took time to grow out the damaged hair. So even though my hair was growing, it did not necessarily get longer. Kurly Klips gave me a massive confidence boost. The klips were great quality and matched my hair texture PERFECTLY! Kurly Klips gave me the confidence to wear my own hair. I felt proud to have afro curly hair ever since I started using them. I have so much more confidence in my hair now. Now my hair is almost as long as the Bobcat length. I still wear the klips to play with my look.

@heatherdannyelle , travel writer 

My hair looks fabulous until the end of shoot day!

I’ve been searching for help with my hair ever since I went natural on live national television. I was a morning show host on The Sunny Side Up Show on Sprout (a preschool network) for 5yrs. There were many days I would watch back an episode and laugh about the decisions my hair made at a particular moment.

As I began to book more tv/film roles, I realized I needed to find more options. Because of shrinkage, my hair would change from hour to hour which can be problematic for continuity and editing.

I was thrilled when I discovered Kurly Klips! I couldn’t believe the quality of the hair and how it matched my texture PERFECTLY! It allows me to confidently walk on set knowing my hair looks fabulous and will be consistent until the end of the shoot day.

Dennisha P , actress 

They give my hair a break!

I wanted a kinky texture I could wear to resemble my twist-outs. However, I didn't want to pay for weave and I couldn't really find the weave that resembled my twist-outs. Really, I just wanted to give my hair a break every now and then. Kurly Klips gives my hair a break and it really matches my texture. It's a worthy hair investment that you can keep using as long as you take care of the hair.

Now, if I want to switch up my look or just give my hair a break, I'll pop in the Kurly Klips. My hair carn rest, breathe for a little while because it's not a sew-om, and I can easily take them out. The other KK textures have also been fun to test out. 

Katrina B , US Gov't

Can't imagine my days without Kurly Klips!

Before Kurly Klips, I struggled with staying natural. Growing my hair out was really hard and sometimes I wanted to give up. I chose Kurly Klips because I heard the quality was amazing and I loved their Instagram. Plus, they ship to my home in Belgium! When I received my hair, it was such a surprise! I've been let down before, but Kurly Klips exceeded my expectations! Everyone wants to know my secret and I'm just so happy I can finally accept my natural hair and take care of it. 

@flow_joao, Swiss model

Makes my blowout look incredible!

I got so tired of wearing HOT wigs! I tried clip-ins from a different company – but my experience wasn’t the best. Kurly Klips’s commitment to customer service hooked me. When I got my Kurly Klips package, I loved how GREAT the hair felt. During a time I had to change my hair daily for work, it was then I realized, “I am going to use these clip-ins forever!” Now, I have so many styling options!

@DreamsinDrive, podcast host with 600k listeners