Spirals Videos

Installing the Spirals

In this video, I'll show you how to install a 1 Normal + 1 Petite set of the Shoulder Chic Spirals. The key is our signature Two Strand Twist Blending Method. That's when you twist sections of your leave-out with sections of the Kurly Klips hair. Here's how:

1) Clip the three clip weft at the nape of your neck

2) Clip the four clip weft above that

3) Clip the three clip weft above that

4) Clip the two clip wefts vertically along your part

5) Twist small sections of your hair with the Kurly Klips hair to blend

Caring is a Science

Learn how to care for your Kurly Klips here. Seriously. Protect your investment and learn how to care for them right. 

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