Caring for your Kurly Klips

Kurly Klips uses 100% premium human hair extensions that have been steam-processed to retain the integrity and high quality of the hair. Caring for our hair extensions is essential for their longevity. Be sure follow our recommendations to keep them in tip-top condition. 

Caring for the Fro

Our beloved My Fro collection requires lots of TLC, just like your natural hair does! The key is a good moisturizing gel or cream after you wash!

Caring for the 3c

Our 3c collection loves to be washed, deep conditioned, and dressed in leave-in, especially of a certain type...

Caring for the Spirals

Our Spirals collections thrives off of mousse or a light curling cream! This is the only time it should be crunched.

Caring for the Blowout

Less is more with our Blowout Collection. This hair only likes shampoo and conditioner, so leave everything else in the cabinet.

Caring for the Puffs & Ponies

Your care routine for the Puffs and Ponies largely depends on your activity level. Find out how to keep all lengths and textures in tip-top shape!

The Detangling Caddy

For faster (and less stressful) detangling, cleaning, and styling, we recommend using the Detangling Caddy. Why? Because it frees up both of your hands to give your KKs all the love and attention they need!

The caddy sticks to surfaces using suction cups. When the cups get wet, they'll lose their grip. So use a towel to absorb any moisture you might be applying to the hair. This will keep the caddy's cups dry and secure. 


Achieving the perfect blend relies on two factors: texture matching and clip placement. If your hair is undefined and you want your Kurly Klips to match, moisturize the extensions and separate the curls, brushing them out of if necessary. If your curls are popping and you want your Kurly Klips to match, use a curl defining product and DO NOT disturb them while air drying.

Alternatively, braid-outs, twist- outs, and bantu knot-outs on your hair. Here's a good rule of thumb: the smaller the braid, the tighter the curl. The larger the braid, the looser the curl. As for clip placement, use vertical placing at the top of your head and try the Two-Strand Twist Blending Method as demonstrated on all the Install videos for a perfect blend.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if my clips hurt?

Your Kurly Klips should never hurt. If they do, the clips are probably too close to your scalp. Place them on the roots of your hair instead of on top of your scalp. 

What should I do if my clip falls off?

On the rare occasion your clips come loose, simply super glue or sew them back in place. 

What should I do if the color isn't a match?

Kurly Klips come in the natural color of the donor. While most customers find the color blends just fine, others might want them dyed to their specific shade. 

They can either be dyed at home or by a professional. When choosing a professional, the stylist should have considerable experience dying hair extensions and a good track record. 

With that said, Kurly Klips are not immune to bad dye jobs and we are not responsible for the recklessness of others. Always use a trusted hair care professional. 

What should I do if my Blowout is tangling?

The Blowout collection hates excess oils. So only use shampoo and conditioner on this hair. Leave-ins, sheens, oils, and other moisturizers will make this hair shed and tangle. 

If your Blowout is tangling, it probably needs to be washed. Wash and deep condition often (especially after sweating). Brush the hair before putting it in and after taking it out.

What should I do if the other collections are tangling?

How to detangle the our kinky/curly collections:

1) Put one weft in the caddy.

2) Spritz a small section with a conditioner + water mix.

3) Detangle this section with your fingers, adding Pantene's Gold Series Detangling Leave-in if necessary.

4) For the Fro: add a curl defining cream, followed by a gel on the ends of the hair.

5) Repeat these steps on the next small section of hair.

Pro Tip 1: Only add product if necessary. Sometimes spritzing with water is enough because the product will reactivate!

Pro Tip 2: Detangle them every time you wear them: either before putting them in or after taking them out. 

How can I make wash day easier?

1) Buy the Detangling Caddy

2) Detangle every time you wear them: either before you put them in or after you take them out. 

2) Use ample amounts of conditioner. I recommend buying the 39oz Tresemme Moisture Rich. Drench the hair thoroughly in water (it's volume should be greatly reduced) and then apply two large handfuls of conditioner.

3) One weft a time, gently brush the lower quadrant of the hair until it is detangled. Move your way up to the second quadrant until it too is detangled. Slowly working your your way up.

4) Store your Kurly Klips neatly on a hanger or in a bag. They should have room to expand, without being squished. 

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