Bobcat 3c Curls Clip-Ins


Soft & Kinky. Perfectly grazes your neck and the tops of your shoulders. 

Petite: 65g • Normal: 135g • Grand: 270g

6in curly, 12in straight • natural color (soft black/dark brown) • 100% human • can be dyed • ships from the USA in discrete packaging • model wearing normal weight

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Installing: the 3c

In this video, you'll learn how to put in the Shoulder Chic 3cusing 1 Normal Set. 

I use the longer wefts in the back of my head and the shorter wefts at the top and sides. I then twist small pieces of my hair with the Kurly Klips to blend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my hair long enough for clip-ins?

To wear clip-in extensions of any kind, your hair should be the length of your index finger or longer. 

What weight should I choose?

Petite - 3 pieces (65g): Perfect for those looking for a little extra volume. Also a great compliment to our Normal weights. Offers about 25% coverage.

Normal - 9 pieces (135g): Perfect for those looking to extend the length of their natural hair. Generally enough for full head coverage with some hair left out. Women with larger heads might need more hair. 

Grande - 18 pieces (270g): Perfect for those looking to extend the length of their natural hair. More than enough for full head coverage with no hair left out. Perfect for our Mermaid lengths. Also perfect for women with larger heads. 

Which pieces come in each weight?

​Petite - 65g
​1 x long weft 
​2 x small wefts 

​Normal - 135g
​1 x long weft 
​2 x medium wefts 
​4 x small wefts 
​2 x extra small wefts 

​Grand - 270g
​2 x long wefts 
4 x medium wefts 
8 x small wefts 
4 x extra small wefts 

What length is this hair?

Our luscious Bobcat 3c is 12in straight and approximately 6in curly. 

What color does it come in?

The natural color of the donor, which is between a soft black and dark brown. It can be dyed to your unique hair color once you receive it.

Can I wash and style this hair?

Absolutely! This hair loves to be washed and deep conditioned. It's 100% human, so feel free to flat iron it, wand curl it, color it, etc.

Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely! We ship worldwide using DHL and other couriers. Customs + duties may apply.

Are you Black owned & do you give back?

Yes to both! We're owned by a Black woman and we do give back! Organizations we've given to include United Negro College Fund and the Boys and Girls Club. 

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