Monaé Everett is a celebrity hair stylist with over 17 years of experience. Her work can be seen in media ranging from Harper's BAZAAR to Yahoo! to ESSENCE. She has worked with celebs ranging from Taraji P Henson to Sofia Wylie to Mara Brock-Akil. Find out why Kurly Klips is her first choice for clients 🥂

By Monaé Everett 

The main issue I was having her before discovering Kurly Klips was that I could not find a great texture match for myself and my natural hair clients. Many people with natural hair were feeling limited by having to work with only their natural hair which in many cases is shorter or finer than they preferred. They felt they lacked versatility and ability to achieve their preferred style.

I felt very frustrated when I attempted to find hair extensions for them, specifically my celebrity clients who are in the public eye. I would go to beauty supply stores and many times the hair was too silky or too short to match my client's hair.

When you have clients who demand the best, you have to find that for them. I have been able to use Kurly Klips on every occasion from red carpets to YouTube videos and I am consistently impressed.

What I love about Kurly Klips is that it mimics natural hair textures. Everything from curly hair to kinky hair to coily hair. I also love that there are multiple lengths. And most importantly I love that Kurly Klips are clip-in hair extensions, which is awesome for quick changes.

Personally, I realized that Kurly Klips were phenomenal when my mother asked me how I was able to get my hair so long and full. My own mother could not tell that I had clip-in hair extensions throughout my natural hair.

Professionally, I realized Kurly Klips were amazing when I had a client that refused to take them out because she got so many compliments at a photo shoot.

Now that I have access to such amazing natural hair extensions I am becoming one of the top natural hair hairstylists in the celebrity industry. I am so excited to display how versatile natural hair can be, especially on my Instagram. I consider Kurly Klips one of the top tools in my arsenal.


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