Hi Kurlies,  

Perhaps I should apologize.

 About two years ago, Kurly Klips changed its packaging from a pink box to a garment bag. I wrote it about it in newsletters, blog posts, and on social media. Today, we package the hair in a lux black cosmetic bag perfect for traveling and storage. 

While we haven't been using the box (seen in old YouTube videos) in years, recently, we've been getting emails about it. Not only do they express disappointment about the lack of a box, but they also ask for refunds because of it.

At first, your girl was very in her feelings while reading those emails. Why? Because it felt like nothing we've done to improve mattered. 
♡ It didn't matter that we added more hair to our normal sets without a price increase.

♡ It didn't matter that when clients asked for half-sets, we made it happen. 

♡ It didn't matter that we brought back ponytails and made them available at a lower cost.
♡ It didn't matter that we spent nine months working on a site that's easier to navigate, and features new and improved install and care videos. 

♡ It didn't matter that we started hand washing the hair in-house to ensure the highest quality possible.

Nope - none of that mattered because the hair didn't arrive in pink cardboard: a cardboard box that would increase shipping rates by at least 10 dollars for domestic customers and 30 dollars for international ones. A box that would make it impossible to add that extra hair free of charge. A box that wasn't practical for traveling and took up a ton of space if you owned more than one Kurly Klips product. A box that ushered in an era of extreme fraud. 

Old feelings of not being good enough resurfaced with each email about the box. My replies might have been a little snappy, and for that, I apologize. 

I'm actually grateful for the emails. Reflecting on them radically improved my life because through them, I had a revelation.

How often do my prayers to God sound like emails complaining about the lack of cardboard packaging?

I've spent countless hours wishing my life was different. That I had children and the right man. That I worked in journalism again. That I could afford to go to SoulCycle TWICE a week. It's only after this revelation that I realized I sound a bit ridiculous. When I focus on this lack, it's as if nothing God's done in life has mattered. His newsletter to me would probably read:

"It didn't matter that I blessed you a healthy body and a healthy mind. That you have parents who are alive and who love you. That you have a successful business serving customers who write you beautiful emails and loving reviews every week. That you have friends to pray with. That you live in a safe and peaceful place. That you can afford to go to SoulCycle AT ALL." 

And yet, before this revelation, I felt disappointment about a cardboard reality I didn't have. Not that any of these desires are insignificant in any way! They're just not in MY journey today. And their absence doesn't make my journey any less beautiful or fulfilling.

Those emails woke me up to the joy within my present life and reminded me of all I've been given. I stopped living in the past. I stopped obsessing about the future. 

What cardboard desires are holding you back from living your most joyful life now? 

I promise when you start taking inventory of all that you DO have, contentment will begin to replace fantasy.