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Every month, Kurly Klips is aiming to donate to organizations that help the Black community. This month, we're donating to Global Kids-DC! 

Tell me more about Global Kids!

Global Kids-DC school-based programs engage youth in interactive global affairs workshops, leadership training, field trips, service projects, peer education, dialogue with experts, and college and career exploration.


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This year, Global Kids-DC has programs in Anacostia High School, Ballou High School, Bell Multicultural High School, and McKinley Technology High School. In addition, GK-DC offers a citywide leadership program at their office and provides the Global Education Program at the Marion Barry Youth Leadership Institute.


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Global Kids students often attend schools with low graduation rates, but students who participate in Global Kids programs consistently graduate high school and go on to college at high rates.  Last year, 95% of Global Kids-DC seniors graduated from high school and 95% of those graduates are enrolled in college.


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To learn about volunteer and sponsorship opportunities at Global Kids, please contact Janice Holzman at