At Kurly Klips, we love bringing you professional styles. This week, the twist with low bun is a sophisticated option. Perfect for events that require a polished presence, it highlights the health and thickness of your natural hair.  

Don't have naturally thick hair? No problem! Add Kurly Klips for thickness.

Can't pull your hair into a low bun? Kurly Klips has you covered too. 

The best part? It only requires one set to complete the look. Not only that, but it takes just minutes to complete. 





Jasmin is wearing one set of her Shoulder Chic Fro. She parts her hair in sections and snaps the clips in each section. When she gets towards the top of her crown, she stops. That way, the twists lay flat on her head. 

Then she makes one flat twist on the left and another other on the right. She could honestly stop right here. The style is super cute as is, but our goal here is a bun. So once she's finished twisting, she brings both sections together and wraps them into a low chignon. She secures with a hair pin and the look is complete. Effortless beauty, suitable for even the busiest mornings. 

And as you can imagine, this style looks gorgeous on the My Spirals collection as well. To complete my look, I used two sets of the Mermaid Spirals. But you can still get away with just using one. 


Thoughts on Natural Hair and Professionalism 

Not too long ago, people didn't equate afro and curly textured hair with professionalism. They said it was too wild and attention grabbing for schools and offices alike. Unfortunately, a section of society still feels this way. But the natural hair movement has made progress on this front. 

At Kurly Klips, we strive to bring you styles that you can incorporate in your professional life too. So please feel free to check out our tutorial gallery. It's our goal to help you feel confident at any event - be it professional or fun. 


Yours in beauty,