Deep conditioning your natural hair can help it feel softer and more manageable. But what if I told you the same could be said for your clip-ins? Yes, Kurlies. Deep conditioning your Kurly Klips restores moisture back into dry hair extensions. Here are our best tips to get the most of your investment. 




Should you use a special deep conditioner for your clip-ins? It depends. If you have a bomb DC that works wonderfully on your natural hair, try it on your clip-ins too. It might turn into your new favorite staple. I often deep condition with Shea Moisture's Jamaican Black Castor Oil line. It provides the intense moisture necessary for keeping my hair extensions healthy. 

With that said, don't feel compelled to purchase new products for deep conditioning. Try your regular conditioner at home. It might surprise you! Jasmin doesn't use a special deep conditioning treatment on her Kurly Klips. She sticks with her favortie Cantu conditioner. 



You know my favorite part about Kurly Klips? Unlike hair extensions that are semi-permanenetly attached, you can stuff them in a bag. That's right, I baggy my clip-ins. What does this involve? Wetting the hair, applying the conditioner treatment, sticking it in a bag, and letting the magic happen. 

Need extra heat therapy? There are two methods. The first is to wrap the baggy in a towel. I have personally tried this and the results are fab.

The second method requires putting the bagged clips inside the microwave. I'll admit, I've never tried this method myself, but YouTubers have had great success with it. Like anything, always test a small weft first. If you're happy with the results, proceed with caution as you complete the rest. 


Father Time 

Jasmin swears by deep conditioning her Kurly Klips overnight. And you know what? Jasmin keeps her sets for 1+ years, so her experience is bar none. But be sure to follow the directions on the bottle. If it states to leave it on for a specific amount of time, do that. Again, all Kurly Klips sets will be different. So find the best combination for you and your sets. 


How do you like to deep condition? Be sure to let us know if the comments. 


Yours in beauty,