Every month, Kurly Klips aims to donate to organizations that help the Black community. This month, we're donating to the Operation Warm, an organization that gives brand new winter coats to children who would otherwise go without.

Tell me more about Operation Warm!

From their website:

For a child, a brand new winter coat can be #morethanacoat—it can change a child’s life and empower them with greater self-confidence and increased school attendance. We manufacture and provide a thoughtfully designed collection of brand new winter coats to children in need, helping improve self-confidence, peer acceptance, school attendance and overall wellness.

Operation Warm has three guiding principles:

Giving: We give brand new, well-designed winter coats—a daily essential for every child to help him or her stay warm, healthy, and able during the winter months.

Changing: A brand new winter coat may be small enough to wrap around a waist, but it’s big enough to empower a child through increased self-esteem and confidence.

Empowering: The gift of a brand new winter coat empowers children by sparking confidence and self-pride in a way that second-hand clothing cannot. Our supporters can transform a child’s life and clearly tell a child, “You’re worth it.”

Our Thoughts

When the weather dips, all children should be able to stay warm when they walk to school and go about other outside activities. For just 20 dollars per coat, Operation Warm gives children brand spanking new coats to not only brave the elements in, but to also look cute as a button in ;) This month, we're proud to put some of our Kurly Klips profits in keeping kids warm, happy, and safe. 

Thank you so much for your business. We couldn't have donated so many coats without you.  Please continue shopping with Kurly Klips and telling your friends about us because the more you shop, the more we can donate to worthwhile organizations like Operation Warm. 


Your Sister in Beauty, 





Your sister in beauty and health,