When the order came in for the English National Opera, I almost died. Because Kurlies, this is BIG TIME. 

To provide hair for their rendition of Porgy & Bess was such an honor. Many of you might not know, but my mom grew up in the theater, as did I. And to be part of such an iconic show at such an iconic Opera House... GIRL. It was such a proud moment, not only for me, but for also my whole family. 

While I didn't get a chance to travel to London to see the show, the pictures are in and they are AMAZING!!!! You have to take a look! Here's the trailer. 


Not only that, but the New York Times called this show, "vital and sweeping..." and I'd like to think in some small way, Kurly Klips played a part in continuing the legacy of Black Excellence in theater!

To read more about the show, feel free visit the English National Opera's site here. 


Yours in Beauty,