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Natural Hair Wedding Hairstyles | Kurly Klips

Natural Hair Wedding Hairstyles

We can't wait for wedding season to begin. If you are planning a summer wedding, you probably have most aspects of the big day all figured out. However, if you're still wondering what to do with your hair, Kurly Klips has you covered. We love weddings and our natural hair extensions have graced the head of many a brides and bridesmaids. Here's a little inspiration using two sets of My Shoulder Chic Fro adorned with Angel's Breath - a style that could work for the whole wedding party.      Inspired by Minnie Ripperton and more recently Solange Knowles, this look is...

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Palmer's Manuka Flower & Honey on Kurly Klips | Kurly Klips

Palmer's Manuka Flower & Honey on Kurly Klips

What products should you use on your natural hair extensions? We get this question A LOT. To be honest, because Kurly Klips are 100% human hair, different products work for different sets. However, we're always trying to find holy grail staples that work well for everybody. Kurlies, you know we love some Cantu Coconut Curling Cream for detangling and moisturizing. But Cantu, watch out! Palmer's Manuka Flower Honey Conditioner and Leave-In might be here to jack the crown!     Palmer's has been adding to its range of hair products over the last couple of years. Yes, child! Once known...

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Hair Chalk on Your Extensions | Kurly Klips

Hair Chalk on Your Extensions

Thinking about using hair chalk to add color to your hair extensions? Like everything in life, it has its pros and its cons. In this post, the very stylish Nailah from @nerd_n_niceclothes goes purple in the streets of Korea! She used hair chalk on the tips of her Kurly Klips for a bold ombre effect. Find out what she learned before you take the leap and use chalk on your hair extensions.   TGIF! I love Friday like I love Brown the Bear Mr. Brown + Miss Brown 🐻❤👸🏽 A photo posted by Naïlah 나일라 (@nerd_n_niceclothes) on Jan 26, 2017...

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Gorgeous Natural Hair Style for the Holidays | Kurly Klips

Gorgeous Natural Hair Style for the Holidays

Hello, my little mistletoe minx! Are you ready to get glam for some Christmas parties? We hope you are! You made it another year and for that, you deserve to party. So whether you're celebrating the holidays with Netflix or a hundred of your closest friends, Kurly Klips has you covered in the hair department. In this tutorial, we're going for a classic look. It consists of a middle part, two small goddess braids around the front, and a lovely chignon in the back. Elegant, chic, and not as hard as you might think. Even if you get delayed by...

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Wand Curls on Kinky Clip Ins | Kurly Klips

Wand Curls on Kinky Clip Ins

You know what we're grateful for this holiday season? Wand curls. Soft, pretty, touchable. With wand curls, you're the belle of every holiday party. Everyone's secret crush. There's not a photo you look bad in when you sport your wand curls. Even the photos you blink in look great. Because why? Gorgeous hair, that's why!!!Achieving these wand curls are super easy. All you need is a curling wand and your Mermaid Fro Kurly Klips.   Want to achieve this style? Be sure to watch these tutorials first: 1) How to Blowout Your KKs2) How to Flat Iron Your KKs Directions...

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Scarf Styles for your Hair - 3rd Addition ;) | Kurly Klips

Scarf Styles for your Hair - 3rd Addition ;)

Jasmin is back with her stolen scarf from grandma's house. And in this video, she's going to show you three ways to fashionably pineapple it. Why do we like scarf styles? As the weather cools off, they're the perfect accessory. They help keep your head warm and unlike a hat, you can wear them inside. Scarves are a beautiful part of our culture and we love to incorporate them in our hair styling.   Where to don this look? We can think of three places: 1) A beautiful walk in the park with bae. Wear a headwrap made of warm...

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