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Can You Wear Clip Ins to the Airport? | Kurly Klips

Can You Wear Clip Ins to the Airport?

*updated 6/10/19 Can you get through airport security while wearing clip in extensions? We get asked this question a lot. And we get it! We understand the need to look beautiful while traveling. You come across so many people at the airport, why wouldn't you want to look your best? These days, so many people are wearing clip-in extensions, that going through airport security with them is a breeze. I have traveled throughout the United States and Europe while wearing my clip-ins and I have never had an issue. Will the machine pick up on my clip-ins? The older machines generally will not....

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How to Deal w/ Girls Hating On Your Extensions | Kurly Klips

How to Deal w/ Girls Hating On Your Extensions

Has a girl ever tried to shame you for wearing hair extensions? If you stalk online hair forums, you'll see this behavior all the time. Even from fellow naturals (sometimes especially from fellow naturals, let's be real.)I can recall a few women who have tried to devalue me for wearing hair extensions. They issued these low blows as a way to increase their self-esteem. And I recognized this. But the comments still sting, especially when their mission is to embarrass you in front of others.     If you're dealing with this, I want you to know one thing: THERE...

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When Your Clip-ins Fall Out On A Date... | Kurly Klips

When Your Clip-ins Fall Out On A Date...

Has this happened to you? You're on a date when all of a sudden, you feel... a loosening. One of your dag on clips has just decided to make a break for freedom in the worst time possible... a romantic evening with bae. So what do you do? Jasmin and I run down the scenarios.  And as usual, Jasmin is wearing two sets of the Mermaid Fro and I'm wearing two sets of the Mermaid Spirals. Enjoy!   Yours in beauty, Lana  

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Telling Your Boyfriend About Your Extensions | Kurly Klips

Telling Your Boyfriend About Your Extensions

Have you ever gone on a date wearing hair extensions? I know I have! I love unpacking my Kurly Klips for special occasions and date night is a perfect opportunity to do so.  But at what point do you tell the person you're dating about your hair? Do you tell them right away at the table? Do you wait until you get to know them a little better? Do you NOT TELL THEM AT ALL?  This has been quite the hot topic lately. Some people think the person you're dating has a RIGHT to know. While others believe you have a right...

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QUICK TIPS: Having a “SLEEPOVER” In Your Clip-Ins? | Kurly Klips

QUICK TIPS: Having a “SLEEPOVER” In Your Clip-Ins?

Okay, ladies… so the time may come when you need to have a “sleepover” and you’ve been wearing your Kurly Klips clip-ins all day. What do you do when it’s time to go to bed? Do you take them out or keep them in? In this Quick Tips video, Jasmin and I share our opinions and suggestions.      So here are some suggestions from the video: GIRL DO YOU, TAKE THEM CLIPS OUT, WRAP YOUR HAIR UP WITH A SCARF AND PROTECT YOUR NATURAL HAIR. Leave the extensions in, but braid them or twist them up, so when you...

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Quick Tips: Protective Styling Hair Extensions | Kurly Klips

Quick Tips: Protective Styling Hair Extensions

Hi Kurlies! I know the topic of this video sounds a little crazy, but hear me out! Using protective styles on your hair extensions can increase their lifespan – seriously. So if you’re not into buying hair extensions every three months, this tip is for you.     For those of you wear curly and afro-textured hair extensions, that wash and go life can be a struggle. You might feel like you have to co-wash often, especially if you want a super defined curl at all times. But think about it this way… Just as your natural hair needs a break from...

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