Jasmin is back with her stolen scarf from grandma's house. And in this video, she's going to show you three ways to fashionably pineapple it.

Why do we like scarf styles? As the weather cools off, they're the perfect accessory. They help keep your head warm and unlike a hat, you can wear them inside. Scarves are a beautiful part of our culture and we love to incorporate them in our hair styling.


Kurly Klips Hair Extensions Scarf Style

Where to don this look? We can think of three places:

1) A beautiful walk in the park with bae. Wear a headwrap made of warm tones and prints. The autumn colored leaves and crisp air will have you looking like a Fall goddess in no time ;)

2) A solo date to your favorite coffee house. Three words: BE. THAT. GIRL. You know the one. The effortless beauty who appears to be putting the final touches on her master plan. Spend quality time with yourself to rediscover what fulfills you in this present moment. 

3) Your favorite art gallery. Why? This hairstyle is art itself. So get lost in your favorite works and feel inspired. You might be inspiring a stranger from afar.



In this video, we tie the scarf one way. Then, we give you three different pineapple options, depending on how reserved or causual you feel.

The first look is a loose bun. It has structure, body, and a pulled together feel.

The second look is a loose ponytail. This style is a genuine pineapple ladies, but the scarf gives it a more polished look. So it's less, I'm in my jammies and about to kick it. And more, hi world - I'm a presentable lady... today.

And the final style is a free form pineapple. It's super bohemian and casual, but again, the scarf ties it all together.

Hope you enjoyed these three styles. If you try them, don't forget to tag us on IG.

Yours in Beauty,